Wednesday, August 30, 2006


By Chinuku(Raindrop)

I am
Very honest person.
Thinking how my gradmother felt when she was sick & died in the hospital 5 months back.
Thinking how my days will be if I decide to send my son to school next week.
Thinking how some people can eat whatever and still stay slim.

I said
To my hubby “lets go for a drive in this breathtaking weather”.

I want
To feel satisfied with whatever I have.
To be a better person.
To lose weight.
A house in mountains or hilly area.

I wish
My parents weren’t divorced. (still wanted to stay with my grandma though)
My husband had feelings. (he is a great guy but can’t show his feelings)
I was skinny.
I had magic power to help everybody in the world and I could go to India by twitching my nose or just blinking.(yes, you can stop by my place & I would love to drop you wherever in India)
I wasn’t too emotional & sensitive.
People stop giving money(few dollars are ok) to temples here where they spend most of money on unnessary things and save the same money to give people in India who really really are in need.

I miss
My Grandmother.
The smell of Indian dirt & cooking especially in rainy season. *sigh

I hear
Song of Fanaa “Chand Sifarish”
my son talking
lots of voices in my head. (I think I talk to myself all day long in my head)
And wonderful sound of rain.

I wonder
How can my son talk soooo much and not feel tired.
How it will be if you could really see all the Gods and heaven.(yes, I try to be good but Im not talking about going to heaven after death.. just in general)
How I will control myself when my son will start school.

I regret
Not started working after I finished my studies.
Saying few things to my grandma & other people that I shouldn’t have.

I am
A good cook.
Very loving, talkative, short temper & stubborn.
Possesive & very insecure about my kids.
Good & caring at heart.
Very lazy, moody, tired & emotional lately.
Trying to be a good mother & wife.
Trying to connect with God on regular basis.

I dance
With rain. Actually my heart dances with rain.
On the tiny fingers of my daughter.

I sing
Old love & sad songs (only in my head).
“Chand sifarish” of Fanaa
Pyar to hona hi tha
Jab pyar kisi se hota hai(old & new)
Nursery rhymes
Gayatri Mantra

I am not
Patient at all.
A Risk taker.
Very cheerful lately.

I cry
Easily. Hubby always says that I have hidden taps in my eyes and everytime I feel sad he started doing action of opening the tap & I start crying & laughing at the same time.

I'm not always
In good mood.
A good mother & wife.

I make with my hands
Yummy food
Anything I put my heart into.

I write
My blog (Im new to writing)

I confuse
Love with showing off.

I need
To have lots of friends like I used to.
To control my temper.
To control eating fried food... actually all my food habits.

I should
Start excercising.
Stop being lazy.
Call my hubby and ask him where the heck he is.. we are getting late for our long drive. Its already getting dark.

I tag
No one since Im new to this bloging world and don’t know many people yet. Any one is welcome to take it if they want to.


Anonymous said...

you ARE an HONEST person......

Kalpana said...

Lovely, many of us are the same way. Nothing to worry..... I appreciate that u put ur thoughts straight away. Mostly, the same I too am. Shall we be friends?

artnavy said...

Really share some of those thoughts

itchingtowrite said...

thought provoking

Sush said...

haahaa.. dont worry you will be having loads of them sooon :-)).

mommyof2 said...

anon: thanks.

Dear friend Kalpana> thanks:-)

artnavy: :-)

itchingtowrite: U think so:-)well glad to know that.

sush: thanks sush. (you ARE talking about friends? right:-)