Friday, August 04, 2006

My Daughter

I could go on and on about what a gift she is, what a beauty she is and how smart and naughty she is… Ever since she turned 1 life around our house has become very interesting… She is practically running the house and she has wrapped us around her little finger.. She can get my son, who is almost 3 ½, in soo much trouble for the things she does and taught him to be bad… There are lots of incidents happen every day that I want to remember of her but let me just mentioned what happed just few minutes back..

She was jumping over & rolling with my son.. I was watching them not to bang their head on the floor too hard but since they were enjoying & laughing, I let them continue even though I wanted to stop them before they start to cry after one gets hurt. I just turned to my computer for few seconds and heard

“My diaper, My diaper”

“Huh, What!!”

And when I looked she was trying to lower his diaper from behind (I could see his butt crack) and try to pinch him & do “gui gui”(tickling).

I ran to stop her before she could totally strip him down. I yelled at my son for not stopping her and letting her touch his diaper and when I turned around she was not there.. Found her hiding behind the door of one of our rooms with a big smile.. Now did she know she was going to get yelled at? I didn’t have the heart to yell her as she looked so cute hiding quietly.. But she sure got my son in trouble for no reason..

She is really very very naughty but I wouldn’t want her to be any other way.. I kiss her so much even when she causes so much chaos and make my day very very hectic and keep me on my toes all day long but she is the one who love me & kiss me like a mother.. yes like a mother.. And I am soooo thankful to God for sending such a blessing in our life.


Anonymous said...

hehehe....that's naughty alright, that little devil! I can imagine her driving adi crazy! a big hug to her from me....


Anonymous said...

sghe hj

Anonymous said...

she just wanted some c==k mum, she can take my pants off anytime and have mine