Friday, August 11, 2006

Scary Evening

Yesterday was just like any other Thursday when we take our son to the library for his 1/2hr. class of story time & coloring. Most of time we go out for dinner afterward since we get out of the library around 6. Y’day we went to temple for 10 minutes then decided to go to Indian market to get some desi food.

Within few minutes it started getting very cloudy. They weren’t just regular cloud but very very dark clouds. We decided to get everything quickly so that we could reach home before thunderstorm shows up. We were just couple of minutes away from home when it started raining very hard. All of a sudden we heard a big lightning striking & saw sparks in front of our car and that too twice. I think I stop breathing for few seconds & thought it was only me who saw this. I asked hubby

Did you see that?

Is our car on fire or something?

He said he saw the same too so we parked the car on the side but couldn’t get out of the car to check the car roof because of very very heavy rain.. The front looked fine, where we saw the sparks falling down. I guess because of the rain sparks couldn’t do any damage. But the cars behind us just passed by so it confirmed that our car was not on fire.. hehe..

We went back to check what happened there and saw that lightening struck on an electricity pole, broke a wire. The big wire was hanging down from 2 places and we happened to pass by at that time.

Well we thank God for saving us otherwise we all wouldh’ve been toasted yesterday. On our way home decided to call the cops to tell them about the broken & hanging electricity wires and saw a fire truck. The lady on the phone connected the call to fire station and told us that they were already on their way to fix that as someone already called them about it. I guess one of the cars behind us inform them before cuz within 5 minutes of our scary experience we saw the fire fighters going that way.

Still we think it was much more than we saw since we were sitting in the car but if someone coming from behind was looking at those sparks falling on the car, must be a very scared as well. Hubby was saying that if the lightning had struck on a tree instead of the pole, the tree wouldh’ve been on our car. O God…

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Aparna said...

I'm happy that you all were okay! Yes, that must have been scary.