Monday, August 14, 2006


Yesterday kids were not in the mood for nap so we decided to bribe them telling if they will sleep they will get Ice-Cream or Popsicle in the evening. I asked my son what he would like to eat later. After few seconds of thinking he decided on having Ice-Cream and I said

OK you can have Ice-Cream later and I will give Popsicle to DD.

Then I thought it was a moment when I can have a little talk with him about choosing something & be happy about it instead of crying for what DD is having and copying her.

You won’t cry if I give her the Popsicle?

No, I want the Popsicle, mamma.

Ok, YOU can have Popsicle & she will eat Ice-Cream.

No, I want to eat Ice-Cream.

Ok then she will eat Popsicle but you can’t ask for it after eating Ice-Cream, OK.

Ok mamma..

Mamma, we can share too na.. Share kar ke Khate hain. Mein thodi si Ice-Cream Kha loonga or phir usko de doonga aur woh mujhe thodi si popsicle de degi.
(We should share. I will eat some Ice-Cream then I will give her the rest & she will give me some of her Popsicle.)

Hubby & I looked each other cuz we didn’t know what to say now.. Maybe we should’ve taught him the “Sharing” lesson after he could learn to choose something & be happy about it but he sure made us speechless.

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