Friday, September 01, 2006

Quick Update

They had their follow up appointment today since it is been a week TODAY but we were going to check out schools for my son yesterday so I called them to ask if I could stop by. The receptionist said there will be wait but what the heck, its not easy to get ready with both kids & go out… its like getting the whole circus ready..

Doc removed the bandage and while he pulled the cotton from my son’s hand, he went little bit too fast & the little band-aid on the stitches came out too quickly. My son started crying maybe with pain or by just looking at the black stitches. Doc put another regular band-aid on it but I thought I saw a little opening on the wound. I asked the doc if it was what I saw and he said since it is not been a week it is not healed fully. ???? Only 18 hr. short and if it was going to make that much difference, why didn’t they say to come today at scheduled appointment.

My daughter started crying because my son was crying & she remembered the doctor’s face. She wouldn’t let him touch her hand. Anyhow he cut her bandage & put regular one on the stitches. She kept crying until the doc didn’t leave the room and once he was out of her sight she wanted to run around.

Now the tough part is to keep their hands off the water for few days and teach them not to take off their band aid every hour *phew*. I still can’t look at the stitches but is so nice to see their hands without the big cast type gauge.

Thanks again for all your concerns and wishes. You all are the best.


Gauri said...

Glad to know that the kids are doing fine G.

Loves to both of them.



Anonymous said...

Are you sure you have to keep the water off their hands....was this advised by the ortho ? From what I know/remember, they suggested to wash the area under running warm water during bath time.

Hugs to your little ones.

mommyof2 said...

yes anon:-) at least for a week.