Monday, August 07, 2006

Potty Training

Lots of things had happened since Friday including potty training. You must be thinking potty training for my daughter who is 16months well No, I was talking about my son who is 3 years and 3 months.

Its not that we didn’t try earlier or he didn’t want to go in regular potty but It was me and my reasons (I had to think of reasons not to feel guilty)… He started telling me while peeing or potty when he was little over 1. I got pregnant at that time and taking him to bathroom 20 times a day in my first trimester was just too much to handle. He was too excited to go to bathroom and most of the times IT was false alarm, then he used to sit there making all those faces try to GO even when he didn’t have to go and in result he was going potty in “installments”.. Yes, installments.. When you try to make every effort to get something out of your body before time, the result is, well in this case, “always something” during every bathroom visit and for me it was the same wiping his front & back, wash his seat and clean the toilet seat for our use and wash his hands & face.. And Maybe you can do it when you are pregnant but I couldn’t so we decided to stop or say postponed it..

Then I tried again when my daughter was a few months old but it was too much to handle at that time too since I had c-section.. We weren’t sending him to any daycare so we decide to take it easy again.

Then I went to India for couple of months and thought I will give it a try there but it was already hard to handle both kids who wouldn’t even let me go to the bathroom or take shower for few minutes, needless to say I was exhausted there. Even though I took the potty seat there(the one you put on top of regular potty) I brought it back minus the part for boy seat to avoid peeing them all over (now I have to push his pee-pee a little bit down to avoid him peeing all over the seat & floor).

I started again 2months back but every time I take off his pant my daughter wanted to take off hers too and saying “No” to her is, lets say not pretty.. She would cry and cry and cry and by the time I made her stop crying doing all the silly stuff, it was time for my son to go pee again.. Needless to say we stopped again hoping to try again some other time.. All this time even though he was not going on regular potty I always talk to him about it, at least once or twice every week. In my mind I was preparing him “virtually”..

Last week on Thursday afternoon he told me that he had to go pee (he mostly announces every time he has to go). He was wearing diaper so I told him ok but he said

“No mamma, I am a big boy now and I want to go to the bathroom.”
(Repeated what I taught him)

Now I couldn’t disappoint him and my daughter was sleeping, so took advantage of that and took him to the bathroom. Both of us were happy with the result. I encouraged him and praise him. Afterwards he didn’t want to “go” in the diaper but couldn't take him cuz my daughter was crying to take her cloths off. So told him to “do” in diaper and waited for hubby to come home. After that I took him once in the bathroom and promise him to take him to the bathroom all day next day. We made a big deal for him using the potty and more praise & kisses until he fell asleep.

On Friday morning when he woke up I ask him if he wants to go pee in the bathroom. He was very excited. I put his training pant afterwards and told him not to pee in it otherwise the buzz light guy (sp?? the character on the diaper) will cry.

We use pull up when we go out since its easy to change than regular diaper and since I was planning on trying to train him earlier I had extra packages of pull ups & nice cotton underwear at home.

My daughter was following us every time and try to take her cloths off but I threatened her to put her in the high chair (She hates sitting in the high chair while my son sits on the regular chair and I will write later how she reacts when I say anything about high chair) and it worked like a charm.

He did great on Friday beside 2-3 false alarms… He pooped too in regular potty. We put diaper at night and in the morning I put cotton underwear instead of training pant. I kept telling him on Friday that if he uses the toilet all day I will put bunny underwear the next day. He was excited.. Saturday we went out and I HATE HATE using public toilet so I changed him into diapers around 12 but he did great till noon. I got my period on Saturday too so Sunday was killer crampy day and I decided to go easy and let him be in diaper.

Today since morning he is doing great But I am going crazy. He is been drinking a lot and its Niagara Falls in our toilet cuz every 10 minutes he tells me that he has to go pee. Two times by the time I wash my hands and went back he was ready to pee again. Still its going fine.. During naptime I put his pull ups.. Just in case.. But he didn’t take a nap and the whole time my daughter was sleeping, we were making frequent trips to bathroom. Hopefully it will go smooth and soon he will be going to the bathroom on his own without my assistance.

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I want your daughter to take her clothes off for me