Thursday, August 03, 2006

When and What to Feed My Kids

When it comes to parenting I have very very laid back approach. I try to go with the flow all day. Sometimes I read what other moms are doing and getting things done in a better way and I try to do things the different way but it doesn’t work for me and in no time I am back to my ways.. Feeding kids is one of them.

DS is not big on eating and if I try to force him to eat something he poops right away. So first making or should I say forcing him to eat then change him right after, taught me a lesson to leave him alone..

With my DD it’s a different story. When she was a baby she used to throw up almost all day long then some days she was hungry every ½ hr. and few days she announce a strike by not eating for almost 10 continuous hrs… Needless to say I was going crazy and making call to her ped almost everyday with different feeding issue and visiting the ped office very often. After all this she was ok in the weight dept. and ped told me to look at her all day consumption instead of numbers of feeding or what she had in first half or second half of the day..

Well this changed my whole way of feeding my kids. Now if they say they are not hungry I try to give them crackers or cookie or some other snack thinking

“Ok if not meal at least let these little fishy crackers swim in your tummies”

And these crackers are cheesy ones so they are getting something more than just a regular cracker.

I try to get cookies with cream.. I know the sugary part but when your kids refuse to eat for half a day they need sugar (I make myself think this). I try to give them a bite of 2-3 different flavor them ask them which one they like better and this way they take a bite again of their favorite one and I feel proud of myself tricking them into eating a cookie and don’t forget cream cookies are double.

And as long as I think I tricked them into eating something that will keep them full for ½ hr. I am happy and hopeful that they will soon get hungrier and will be able to eat a decent meal. Now it’s a different story when after ½ hr. I am repeating the tricks to feed them again.. Or trying new tricks like singing silly songs, telling them new invented stories or putting a movie while feeding them.. Still its all worth it as long as they eat..

Last few days of heat are really the killer ones.. Everybody is so restless and since y’day kids refuse to eat anything beside having their morning cup of milk.. Actually that too only ½ cup.. First I was thinking there intake is low because of the weather and it will be fine soon but come on, didn’t know it can go further down.. No eating till noon that too I have to force something down their throat afterwards..

Y’day I waited till 11 for them to say “Ok Mamma, we want food now” but nothing.. So I had to take charge and thought of something which can satisfy them even if they take only few spoons of it. So I made pulao with potatos, onion, peas, corn and beans (black eye ones). Now this is healthy & quick.. And I can boost the calories with Desi ghee..

In my mind first 4 spoons filled with all veggies are considered breakfast (the one they missed in the morning) and then I was thinking 4 more spoons will be their lunch (Talk about Mother’s calculations) and I will be lucky if they want to eat more.. Bonus for me.. Then I can give something to drink and they will be full till after their nap.. They likes the dish & ate good amount And I was happy to make a winner dish that interests my kids who were in no eating mood..

Today was same way, they refused to eat so I knew to chill for little while & let them get tired.. Had left over pulao but they weren’t that interested still had couple of spoons and I gave them coconut water to drink since it was very hot today..

Like their activities to keep them busy I have to plan on always having few things in my house for them to eat because you never know of their mood.. Some times they say no to everything I give them so if I have few things to give them they finally choose.. Here are the things works for me..

1. Desi Ghee (to add calories)
2. Rice (to make pulao)
3. Lunch meat with Mayo and bread(If I am lucky) (smoked turkey, ham, pepperoni)
4. Make Parantha (Plain or Besan)
5. Eggs (boiled or egg salad)
6. Peanuts
7. Mango Fruity
8. Bread & Jelly
9. Beans( 3-4 different kind) (I either mix them in pulao or just feed them with salt)
10. Mayo with garlic to serve with bread or rice
11. Mixed Fruit Can
12. Crackers
13. Cookies
14. Emergency baby food can for DD
15. Naan
16. Chicken tikka masala (they really love this)
17. Chicken nugget (frozen)
18. Pop corn chicken
19. Hot Dogs
20. Pop corn
21. Hot Pocket
22. Allu Pakodas
23. Bread Pakodas
24. Papad (colorful & wheel ones)
25. Snack bar with whole grain( 1 bar is snack and 2 are meal)
26. Garlic bread (Homemade)
27. Bread Butter
28. Pizza
29. Chinese food
30. Soup
31. Pretzels with cream cheese
32. Fresh fruits especially red pear & grapes
33. Allu Sabji with salt & black pepper (all time favorite)
34. Pancake (sweet & salty)
35. Besan Puda

If nothing works I give them 1-2 chocolate bites/ chips/ cake/ Ice cream or any junk food I have at home.. Empty calories are still better than them sleeping with empty stomach..

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