Wednesday, August 23, 2006


This was around the time when my son was 13-14 months old and he had just mastered the technique of jumping, jumping and jumping… One night he was playing with the pillows & jumping on the bed (of course we were with him) when all of a sudden he started crying saying uyee, uyee. His left hand hanging almost lifeless and shoulder high like he was trying to hold his arm by elevating his shoulder to his ear. He wouldn’t even let us touch his arm. It was around 12 at night and we thought of going to emergency right away since no doctor office was open at that time.

Then like any first time parent we remember to call his ped first. Paged her and in the meanwhile got everything ready to leave for hospital. I was such a mess seeing him in so much pain. My heart was crying but I tried to hold my tears.

His ped called in ½ hr and said that it is very common in kids since they have very soft bones & it will get better on its own with some movement otherwise come in the office the next morning and she will “click” it to its place. Felt relieved after talking to her and knowing that its not that major since she can fix it in her office and it wasn’t only us but other parents experience something like this too And for some reason it gave me lots of assurance (as first time parents its all about “Is my kid doing what other kids of his age are doing, even though if it was the way they hurt themselves”).

We tried to move his hand very slowly while he fell asleep and after almost 2 hrs he was trying to turn to the other side in his sleep & he himself moved his hand and slept on it. We could not believe it but we were happy cuz he wasn’t crying so it means his hand got better. We checked his hand by moving it in all direction and he wasn’t crying. We went to sleep thinking God has His own way to make kids feel better cuz it did seem miracle to us even thought his ped did mention that something like that would happen still as first time parent we experienced lots of “miracles”.


Twisted DNA said...

LOL@miracles :) That's so true though. For a first time parent everything is so new, confusing and fascinating. (We have an 18 month old so we know)

mommyof2 said...

twisted dna: yup. It is so confusing with first child and too much preassure of doing things the RIGHT way but when you have second child you learn to take it easy & go with flow:-)