Sunday, August 06, 2006

Silly Things They Say

Couple of days back when I was changing my son he said very funny thing..

“Mamma, my pee-pee is sleeping”
(I wasn’t sure if I heard it right)


“My pee-pee is sleeping”
(Now I could ignore it or tell him not to say it again to save us from getting embarase but first I wanted to know why he was saying that.)

“Who told you that?”
(Just to check if he had some silly boy TALK with DH)

“Koi Nahi (No one)”

“Then why are you saying that?”

“Aise Nahi Kahete, Pee-pee narazz ho jati hai (Don’t say like that your pee with get mad)” (Do you have some other way to say? Well that’s the best I could think of at that time)

“No mamma, Mein soi-soi kar raha tha tho meri pee-pee bhi soi soi kar rathi thee”
(I was sleeping so my pee-pee was sleeping too (He was sleeping some time before I changed him)

“Ohhh Ok still don’t say like that OK”

“Ok Mamma”

I know this is the beginning but is there any book with all the right answers or ways on how to deal with & explain them when they say silly things and ask silly questions…


Anonymous said...

let me tell u one thing happen yesterday.. Usually i take Tanvi for her pee.. yesterday pranav took her & after he has to go too for pee. In the evening Tahvi has to go again, so i took her & she tells me that why i cann't do like =daddyy. I was like what.. Like Daddy does pee, while standing. Can u beleive how they notice that. I was about to laugh, but i control my self.

mommyof2 said...
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