Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chanelizing his energy

Since last year I am thinking of taking A to some music, Gym or Karate class. Music and gym class didn’t happen cuz hubby thinks I am making him sissy. Yes, he calls it making him “Nancy & Suzie” just like Frank in “Everybody loves Raymond”:-) And even though we had 2 weeks free karate class coupon, which A got as summer reading gift, we didn’t go there either cuz hubby said he might come home and start punching Gudiya.

Since few weeks A is into kicking & breaking things. I was thinking of taking him to karate class so that he can enjoy kicking instead of getting yelled at by me and we got another 2 week coupon again:-) Now I am not afraid of him kicking Gudiya either cuz if he dare to kick her or punch her, she doesn’t need me to defend her, well most of the time;-)

So I called and schedule a class for him. We all went there. He got the uniform and was really excited..

And Gudiya was

Because she wanted to do haiya too but they don’t take anyone under 4..

He is going there since almost a week and looks forward to the next class. Hubby thinks we shouldn’t go there because It doesn’t look good if we stop after 2 weeks. I think when they offer to give free classes, not everybody join afterwards, so its ok if we decide not to continue with them. I like the place and the teacher but it’s a bit far away.

Initially I was going to take him to place which is just on the next block. So sent Hubby to check out and schedule a free class there but they don’t take anyone under 5. Reason; they give reading material and kids under 5 can’t read. Hubby told him that he can so he is going there on Monday. This new place guy has trained police and Marine people and very serious about the training. He told hubby that they are not like other training places who gives a new belt every 3months.. They are very serious about the performance and gives one to one attention. I want A to learn something when you are paying so much for each class but more than that I want him to enjoy and have fun instead of sending him to a boot camp.

The place he goes now, the whole time he is saying haiya and giggling and all other parents giggle with him. No matter how many time they tell him “If someone is attacking you would you be laughing? No, right, so don’t laugh”. He stops for few minutes and forgets what they said and start giggling again. He is having fun:-) Its so much fun even watching him saying haiya & giggling:-)

We will go to the new place on Monday and if the guy is very strict, we won’t join and he will continue going to the other place otherwise we will start here from Monday..

And we are trying a gym class this week too:-) Its for both of them so Gudiya will be happy too:-)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Gudiya’s First prize

Every summer our library has a summer reading program for kids pre-k to 5th grade. Last Year it was “paws claws, scales & tales” and this year “Get a Clue”. Even though Gudiya is not in that category still Librarian gave me the book log sheet for her and she got her very first prize:-) They had arranged a dance program before the award ceremony. kids didn't like the program that much but getting the beads necklaces was fun:-)

See I told you, dance pogram was boring;-)

Prize in their hands

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last few months-2

NY Aquarium

Coney Island rides (Next to Aquarium)

Story Time at our Library

Picnic Time

Monday, August 13, 2007

His First Contest

It was our library’s 100th anniversary and they had a Bookmark contest for each grade. Even though it was from K-8, they let the preschoolrs enter the contest too. A is not that good at coloring but that week I had a book called “where do Balloons go?” and that made it easier to draw:-) He made a party theme bookmark with cake, hats, streamers and confetti. I told him that its our library’s B’day and we have to make a card. I didn’t tell him that it was a contest and if he does great he might win the contest. I told him to do his best and try to make a nice card for our library who let us borrow lots of books, arrange story time twice a week, art class and lots of other interesting events throughout the year. Everyone is so nice there and we just want to say thanks by making a card for them and the library.

“Just like we made card for you and Daddy on Mother’s day and Father’s day?”


They had all day event with really wonderful programs like Mother Goose, puppet show, Special story time, Bubble fun and Art time. As soon as the last event ended and we were about to leave, the librarian said “Its time to announce the winners (one from each grade).” By then I didn’t even remember about entering the contest and I knew there are lots of other kids whose mothers spend hrs. teaching them how to color and they color almost perfect. One of my friend’s daughter, who is a year older than A, can color pictures almost perfect. Every week I see my friend sitting with her teaching her how to color while I am trying to argue with Gudiya not to take all the crayons and let others use them too. A colors ok for few seconds and then start doing silly stuff but he is good at drawing stuff since drawing takes only few seconds;-)

Now I was sure that my friend’s daughter would win. That day she told me that she drew a book & cake and I thought since she drew something related to library(book) and celebrating(cake), she got it right and its everything they are looking for. I had also told A to draw something related to library but he wanted to draw only the things he drew so I didn’t argue. My friend said that her daughter A already told everyone that she will win and I agreed with her knowing how well she is at coloring. So I told her that even though I didn’t see her bookmark but I am sure she will win too. So when they start announcing the winners I told her go ahead cuz they will be calling her name soon but they called A’s name instead.

I couldn’t believe it. The librarian called A and gave him his prize. I didn’t tell A about the contest so he didn’t know what he was getting prize for. I offered my friend the prize since her daughter was so looking forward to it and A didn’t have any clue. She said she had already bought something and wrapped it for her at home so it was ok. A opened his gift right there and it was this..

(Where is my prize?)

It was his first competition and since he won, I explained it to him what that prize was for.
“They had a contest and so many kids made bookmark for the library. Everbody did a great job but they liked yours a little better.” All he said was

So I won and Gudiya didn’t?


That’s Ok Mommy, I will share my prize with her.


To make it more special for him we took him out for dinner and Chuckee Cheeses :-) And the next morning I put 2 wrapped things (1 for gudiya) under his pillow and told him “Since you did a great job making bookmark and shared your prize with Gudiya, Jai-Jai left these for you”:-)

I never thought that he could win otherwise I would’ve made a copy of the bookmark or at least take a picture of it.. He ia getting another award next week for the summer reading program. Everybody who reads certain number of book during a particular period gets the award.. So both will be getting it this time:-)

Here are some pictures of that day..