Monday, October 30, 2006

Miss You??

Gudiya gave me the calcium sandoz bottle to open..

Gudiya: CA-MAN, CA-MAN(Calcium)

Me: you want calcium?

Gudiya: ah-huh ca-man

I gave her one. She held it in her hands for few minutes..

Me: Ok, you can eat now.. come on..

Gudiya: A, Ca-man (give the calcium to A too:-)

Me: He is not here.. He went to school..

Gudiya: AAAAA.. CA-MAN LELE :-)

*sigh :-)

In the afternoon..

Me: You want to eat rice?

Gudiya: Riiiccceeee, RRRiiicccceeeee.

Me: Open your mouth..

Gudiya: A, rice..

Me: He is not here..

She went inside.. looked in every room saying AAAAAA,rice… AAAAA,rice..

Even though its heartbreaking to see her miss him so much still it made me smile to see how much she care for him.. Or she is missing torturing him;-)


That’s the new word Gudiya learned from A since he started school and she knows its meaning too:-) I think it’s the ONLY word she used during the whole weekend..*phew* It was very hectic weekend. A is running a little cough & cold since Thursday and has on & off fever since Friday night. It was very windy and cuz of A I couldn’t take them out which made the weekend even more hectic.

When he woke up on Saturday morning, It was hugs time instead of regular 2 mintes hugs & hurry to get ready for school but she jumped over to A’s side, pulled him out of my lap, sat there her arms around me, saying MINE, MINE.. This was just the start.. Any toy he touched, She screamed MINE & snatched away from him.. I gave them similar things still she snatched his stuff from him every time & hide in the bedroom.. Poor guy was complaining & crying the whole time.. Couple of times she took away things saying Mine then pushed him on the floor:-O Forget about letting him use the computer.. She stood there crying saying Mine, Mine, pulling him from the chair and when that didn’t work she took the mouse & throw it several times and used the keyboard as “tabla” to interrupt him.. *sigh She made it very torturing weekend for him. So the whole weekend I had one screaming kid & I crying kid.. Last night I felt like I had no throat cuz of all the yelling..

How do they learn these annoying things from nowhere and not the good thing that we teach then EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Saturday, October 28, 2006


well at least today... and only hubby’s type men, who are emotionless, have no interest in family life, never change and fight over same thing their whole life, make absolute no effort to have a peaceful life, never think of solving a problem which effects everybody’s life around them.. They think by avoiding & not talking about things is called solving even after friken so many years you are fighting over same things which leads to many other problems & new issues to fight about. Don’t they get any clue or they are just too dumb to realize.. There are so many men out there trying & making effort to have a loving satisfying life but are there people who want to fight every time they are home? I mean what kind of role model you will be for your kids? Or Just spending money makes up for every fight, every heartache and gives you back every second when you make other people feel so bad… Why can’t they realize that they are tearing you apart..

Few days back I read this on Keshi’s blog & can’t get it out of my mind..

You can have everything else in life but if you don't have love, respect, understanding and appreciation from your near and the dear ones, then you have nothing. If they can't and won't take few minutes to really listen to what you have to say, if they don't seem to understand how you feel, if they don't respect your feelings, if their love is just verbal only and if they demonstrate that your existence in their life is not appreciated, then why do you still hang around wanting to be heard and loved.

Today I don’t know the answer either… maybe because of the kids…

Friday, October 27, 2006

His First...

There are lots of things to write about on the blog but lately I am in no mood. Every day I think that once I am in better mood there will be post rain here:-) but something happened today that I had to tell you all about..

I went to drop off A this morning. He is catching a little cold so I was wiping his nose before leaving And all of a sudden a girl ran up to A hugged him tight with both hands around his neck & kissed him on his cheek then lips:-O Before I could react she did it again:-O I just froze there.. didn’t know what to say.. A was looking at me with a shy smile & she hugged him again.. :-)

OMG, It’s A’s first kiss (actually the first I saw). His teacher came up to me and I told her that she just hugged & kissed A twice.. She said that what they do all day :-) they are best friends..

I kissed A & left the 2 lovebirds alone, who were still holding hands;-) No wonder the minute he gets up in the morning he tells me “ I am getting late mamma, hurry up, I have to go to school.” And during weekend he wants to go to school too. He asks to go to school at least 50 time during weekend. Now I know the reason ;-D

This is her picture from the pumpkin picking trip. She was sitting next to me looking at me taking pictures of A & Gudiya so I asked her if she wanted me to take her picture too.. who knew I was gonna need it later:-)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Last Diwali

In Chandigarh with my cousin

He wanted to jump on Chakris

With my grandma who passed away in March

In Ludhiana with my other cousin & Bhua, who is holding Gudiya

With my Uncle aka Muchhe wale Nanu:-)

Last year we were in India this time and A had so much fun during diwali. He had never seen any firecrackers beside the firework on 4th of July. So last year was great since he gets to celebrate diwali twice and it lasted for almost a month… He started on fuljhari’s & chakris about 10 days before diwali & then after diwali we left for my bhua’s place in Ludhiana where they had saved bags full of firecrackers for him so we started again and every evening we used to go on roof & had fun:-) It was Gurpurav few days after diwali so people didn’t think we were crazy:-)

Now can't wait to be there next year.

I didn't take my camera there so these are pictures of pictures thats why a bit blury.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Deepavali

From Our family to yours.... :-)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Gudiya is usually up before A in the morning so I take her in the kitchen put on Sesame Street and gives her milk. I get ready while she watches Sesame Street then A gets ready and we are off to school. Hubby is usually up when we are ready to leave..

On Thursday I left and when hubby went in the kitchen

Gudiya: Mamma, A ghumi-ghumi.

Hubby: No, they went to school.

Gudiya: No,ghumi-ghumi.

Hubby: No, school.. say school, ssccchhoollll.

Gudiya: Nahi, mamma , A ghumi ghumi :-)

I got back & hubby told me that she is been saying that since we left. I changed my clothes while she followed me around asking for A

Gudiya: A??

Me: School.

Gudiya: Mamma, A ghumi ghumi.

Me: No ghumi ghumi, A went to school. We will go ghumi ghumi together.

Gudiya: A kool (school)... Mamma, A kool.

Me: Yes, good girl.

Gudiya: Mamma, A ghumi ghumi.

Now everyday I get back she says the same thing.. Maybe because she watches us get ready & leave...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


by hastobeme ...

3 Smells I love:
1. White Diamond Perfume
2. Smell of rain in India
3. Smell of petrol

3 Smells I hate:
1. Seafood
2. Sweet perfumes
3. Skunk smell

3 Jobs that I have had in my life:
1. Bank
2. Helped hubby in his business.
3. Mommy Maid (Lifetime contract:-)

3 Movies that I could watch over and over:
1. City of Angels
And every year those Haloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas movies. I really look forward to these every year especially the witchy & magic movies:-)

3 Fond memories:
1. My acceptance letter from college here
2. When hubby used to come with a rose & card to see me.
3. Of course the birth of both kids.

3 Jobs I would love to have:
Start something my own or
Anything that pays well with flexible hrs.:-)

3 Things I like to do:
1. Read Bogs (new habit since I found blog world:-)
2. Walk around the whole store even if I have to get just one thing
3. Watch Indian Mythological dramas

3 Of my favorite foods:
1. Samosa
2. Rice & Kadi
3. Goat Kadai

3 Places I would like to be right now:
1. India
2. Disney Land with kids
3. Any Hill Station

3 Things that make me cry:
1. Seeing kids in trouble even on tv especially when they show kids in charity ads.
2. Emotions (Too happy or sad)
3. When people say hurtful things even when they don’t mean it.

Monday, October 16, 2006

She stripped....

my computer… I was in the kitchen & came back to see this….

I guess this was the punishment for the laptop for keeping mommy busy..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Tagged by itchingtowrite .. Even though this tag needs lots of thinking & writing, this is the coolest tag:-) Good Job on starting it I2w..

Height of Bhakti- Every time Gudiya sees some lady with Sari & big bindi, she puts her hands together, close her eyes and say “Jai-Jai”.(I guess cheap makeup in the serials we used to watch:-)

Every time A eats something he really really loves, he asks me “Jai-Jai ne mere liye bheja hai?” (did the jai-jai send it for me?)

Height of Embarrassment- Every time Gudiya sees a sardar, she starts screaming “Dar Dar”.

When A was a baby we went to a restaurant and there he saw a sardar. He got so happy & started clapping saying “Dar dance, Dar dance”. He thought every sardar was Delar Mehndi till recent:-)

Height of Love- After eating a bite of every thing A tells me to give it to Gudiya.

Every time she eats something, she gives it to her baby (little baby toy) first otherwise she refuse to eat (well not always).

Her waking up in the middle of the night, finding my hand with eyes close & kiss me at least 10 times and fell sleep the very second.

Height of Copying- When we are going out without Gudiya & she is crying, A tells her “Nahi Nahi, rona nahi.. Mein ek minute mein aa raha hoon”. And he gives instruction to my hubby like I do:-)

She tries to pat & rub her back herself while coughing.

Height of Creativity- Gudiya put a block on pencil or crayon and say “mmmmm chokate I ceam” (yumm, chocolate ice cream).

Height of smartness- when her favorite song or dvd ends she asks us to “wynd”(rewind) it and if the same thing doesn’t start with a minute she start saying “WYND, WYYYNNDD, WWWYYYNNDD” until its on again.

Height of Imagination- A has told me quite a few times “ Mamma, my school bell is ringing. I have to go to school” and today I happen to ask the teacher if they had some bell there but nope, they don’t.

Height of Pickiness- Gudiya refuse to eat veg stuff. I kept all Navaratri vrat & She was pretty much fasting with me most of the days. She only had milk & cookies most of the days and the day after Navratri she had full meal with chicken tikka Masala. Same thing y’day on Karva & Now hopefully she will eat meal with chicken..

While eating cereal she says the color & point to the cheerios she wants and if I give her any other she don’t open her mouth. If there is all same color cereal I really have to see which one is she pointing at.

Height of Manners- Both wants a napkin near them while eating so that they can wipe their mouth even if there is a tiny mess.

The other day she bumped into a lady in the store and she said “sorry” to that lady:-)

She says “Welcome” every time instead of Thank you.

Height of obedience- I told hubby to give her cookie, he got the cake instead. He gave her a spoon full saying “cake” but she said “mama” & waited for me to say yes.(It happened only once though:-)

Height of Seva- I told her “Gudiya, mere sar mein dard ho raha hai”.. She came to me & started doing “thup-thup”on my head… I had to cover my ears & face cuz the first time she did, I really saw stars;-)

Height of Dieting- She doesn’t eat much when A is at school. She waits for him to come home and then she is all hungry.

Height of anger- She wants to watch Boz all day long lately. Really at least 10 times a day. If I try to put another dvd she start rolling on the floor, throwing toys & big big tears in her eyes until she sees Boz again.

Height of Demand- I was driving alone with her when she demanded water. Home was just 7-8 minutes away. I told her “Ok I will give you water in a minute”. I heard “Papa, pani laoo.. Pappa, coke lao..”. She kept saying till we reached home.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Pumpkin Picking

A had School trip to Pumpkin Patch last Friday. First I thought of volunteering then decided to pay for Gudiya (my daughter) and take her instead. We went to the school in the morning & I let her play in A’s class & the “village room”. She had so much fun in the playground and didn’t want to go on bus:-) They had blast picking pumpkins, on hayride & visiting farm animals. Even though it got very windy that day still it was fun:-)

In A's class she was playing with blocks when a boy came to see what she was doing. Can you see that innocent look in the first pic:-)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


tagged by K’s mom

I was suppose to write 9 but I wrote 11, so pick any 9 to read;-) I never though Im that weird but now all I can think of is rest of the things that I didn’t list here..:-)

Talkative: I am very talkative. People feel connected with me even at the first time we meet. Hubby thinks I give away lots of info & secrets though;-)

Selective: I believe in “…. At first sight” in day-to-day things too, like when I go to a store I buy things, which appeal the first time I see. And the first impression I get of people... Sometimes I don’t like anyone in the gathering and I rather stay alone & not talk. I can tell by looking (face reading, I think:-) who is my kind & whom I rather not socialize. I strongly dislike fake people.

Can’t hide feelings: I can’t pretend. You will see the image of my feelings on my face. I am famous rather notorious in my family for telling everyone the straight truth. I am the youngest one so no one minds in my family:-P

Sensitive: well, way too sensitive. Things haunts me even years later. I cry on sad as well as happy thing on tv. And If someone hurts my feelings I try to completely stay away from them for a loooooooong time if not forever cuz I think of those hurtful things for a verrrrrry long time.. very bad, I know.

Jai-Jai: I do jai-jai before leaving the house but if I forget anytime I feel really really down till I come back home.

Making others feel better: I can make other sick people (cold, cough & little things) feel better with my home remedies but these remedies don’t work for me.

Certain ways & order to do things: I have certain way & order to do things and I want things to be done that way and ONLY THAT WAY. That’s why I like to work alone and don’t ask for any help even thought its too much work:-)

Question about mothering: Well, my grandma brought me up and there was this generation gap and now I have nothing to compare notes. Most of the time I question my parenting skills & wonder if I am doing it right. Lots of time I declare myself a bad mother. See, talking to friends about some situation & really think of how your mother dealt with you is totally different (I think). I still can’t tell if I am an ok mother or I should work on it..

Yelling: I can do the yelling at my kids but not any one else, not even hubby.. I yell at them, spank them and love & kiss them the next second but don’t want my hubby to say anything to them at all. We get into fights if he says something to them. (I know, I know what you all want to say but no one except me can yell at my babies:-)

Cleaning ness: I have a thing for cleaning ness. My kids are well trained too;-) My daughter start saying “saaf/clean” and asking for napkin to clean her mouth when she was a little over 1. I think “saaf(clean)” & “moo(mouth/clean my mouth)” are few of her very first words.

Fat?: I got very fat since marriage but I don’t see it. I know the situation with cloths but my eyes refuse to see me fat in the pictures. Talk about accepting yourself.. LOL

I tag twisted Dna , rads, rohini, Aps, Minal, The Inquisitive Akka & kalpana and I hope they would want to take up the tag:-)