Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What to do?

These days A & Gudiya are into fruit loops. Usually its cheerios but I guess they want colorful sugary stuff now:-) Most of the times I give them in the kitchen in separate bowl, to eat, to throw or whatever. We have a rule about eating in the living room, only snacks are allowed there and mommy will feed you cuz we don’t want food fights on the carpet or food under the sofas or under the table on daily bases to avoid bugs.

This morning I got one bowl of cereal. Just then someone called and I told Gudiya to wait for just a minute but both of them were fighting to eat on their own. I had an empty bowl too and I tried to split it for A but by now Gudiya has the possession of bowl & spoon and wasn’t even letting us to touch it. He took a cheerio but she started crying & held his hand and made him took it out of his mouth & put it back in the bowl:-O She did this 3 times and I had to tell my friend that I will call back later. I took her in the kitchen, crying & holding full bowl & spoon, and put her on the high chair. Told A to stay in the living room cuz she didn’t want him near her cheerios bowl. Got another cereal bowl for A cuz he wanted mamma to feed him.

She was in the kitchen for 40 minutes watching tv & eating peacefully and we have to go check on her every couple of minutes to see if she is eating one at a time instead of stuffing her mouth & spitting everything later. Still I had my tea peacefully & A ate without someone putting finger down his throat.

Now as Orchid mentioned that California is going to become a no spanking state, made me think what if every state pass that rule, then? I mean after whatever Gudiya did, I didn’t spank her or really yell at her. I just said, “No, you don’t do that. Share with A” and put them separate cuz usually whenever I give something to one kid, he/she demand another one to give it to the other kids. But what if she start doing, what she did today, everyday, then it won’t be the ignoring matter after more than 2-3 times and I have to yell at her or spank her.

With one kid things are different but with more than 1 it’s a whole circus and zoo like, even for the silliest things. Parents are more of a rafree then and you have to draw a line somewhere. At this age they don’t understand the time out concept so what do you do? And by passing these laws aren’t they taking away parents rights to teach kids the good things for everybody’s better future? I mean they are kids, they need a bit yelling Ok lots of yelling & warnings and at some point spanking has to come in the picture. Don’t u think?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Little Krishna

Every time A goes to bathroom she takes his pant and hide in another room or put it like hat & run around the whole place laughing so hard, then few minutes later A is running after her try to take back his pant. Hubby puts his stuff out on bed before shower & its almost always gone by the time he is back, then we have to look for her:-) Usually she hides it under her comforter:-)

Every time A is holding a toy, she snatches his toy & hides it behind her. If he is writing something she try to run away with whatever comes in her hand, usually the paper. The cutest part is that while doing all this she laughs so hard that she turns red. Actually she turns red laughing & A turn red crying & trying to get things back from her. Her favorite place to hide after crime is behind mommy:-)

She is my naughty Krishna:-)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My 2 Monkeys

There is been lot of confusion lately. Because of their hairstyle (he needs a haircut & her hair need to grow a bit faster:-) & almost same height, my both monkeys start to look alike and sometimes I can’t even realize the difference for a split second (when I am in my own world or trying to finish things quickly).

Y’day I was in the kitchen & they were in the living room. I was looking from the kitchen and I saw one monkey standing on the bicycle. I thought it was A cuz he is the one who usually does that. I yelled, “get off the bicycle or u will get hurt” but just then I realized it was gudiya. OMG, I ran as fast as I could while both of them looking at me like I was crazy.

Then she was trying to climb on safa’s back to grab the high chair cuz she wanted to do “weeeeeeee” Like A:-O I thought it was A until she start saying “Mmmmmmaaaaa Weeeeeeeee”:-O

Look at the pics.. They are looking in the mirror & dancing (the same way:-)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Once again

Ladies and Gentlemen, hubby forgot to wish me on my B’day again:-( I was waiting & waiting but nope, he didn’t remember. My cousin called to wish me then hubby started giggling and offered me breakfast in bed but I refused. Great thing was that A baked a cake for me (with my help:-) I didn’t feel that bad cuz he did remember few days back;-) Actually I was very happy to celebrate with kids:-)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day of appreciation

The other day I got out of shower & A was sitting in the kitchen. He came up to me and said “Mommy you smell good:-)” Then I put my lipstick and he said “Mommy you look beautiful”:-) Needless to say I was very happy. After years I got comment without asking for it;-) Hubby came home and I told him about it and few minutes later he said “You are looking nice today”:-) All I said was “Stop copying your son;-)”. Then hubby was feeding them and I heard “Yummy.. Papa, Mamma makes yummy food”:-) I looked at hubby and said “You should really learn from MY son;-)” And he was smiling and me too, the whole day:-))

Yesterday I got my morning tea and he said “Mommy, your tea smells very good. You make yummy tea:-)”.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Are you a Lurker?

What’s a lurker? People that read blogs but don’t want to leave any comment. So are YOU a Lurker? This is a serious problem;-) And luckily it can be solved this week because it’s National De-Lurking week;-)

So If you lurk here often, leave your shyness for few minutes & say hi :-)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Eating Nemo

I was reading this post & remember the nemo incident that I wanted to write but totally forgot.. Thanks Aps;-)

The other day hubby got shrimp & while I was cooking, A was watching me. It took me 5 minutes to make it and the whole time he was asking me what I was cooking & what else did I put in the pan.. I told him its fish and asked if he wanted to try.. He was excited so I gave him one piece. Just before he ate it he looked at it for few seconds observing every single detail of it and said

“I ate fish, mamma?”
“Its orange color fish”
“Is It Nemo?”
“Is It Nemo?”
“Is It Nemo?”
“Then what is it? Its some other fish”
“But its orange”
“So? There are other orange fishes beside Nemo. Do you want another one?”
“No mamma, I don’t like fish.. But it is small like Nemo. Did you cook Nemo”
“No, I didn’t cook Nemo”
“Whats the fishy name then?”
“hmmm Go ask your father”:-))

(Hubby was taking shower)

“Papa, Did you bring fishy?”
(I was listening with a big smile cuz I was off the hook for a little while;-)

“Yes, for you”
“You got orange fishy for me?”
“Did you get Nemo?”
“Did you get Nemo?”
“Its orange”
“That’s ok. Its not Nemo. Tell mommy to give you some more”:-)
“No, I don’t want anymore. I don’t like fish”

“Mamma, I don’t want to eat fish. It looks like Nemo.”
“Ok. Its not Nemo though.. go play on ur computer”


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Dance

There is a new lawn tennis court near our home and last week I was telling A that we will go there once the weather is ok. All of a sudden hubby said you can play that at home too cuz we will get wii and that is ur mom’s B’day present;-) Now its not about getting wii or b’day gift, its about him remembering my b’day almost 2 weeks early;-) We stopped exchanging gifts long ago and if he remembers to wish, is the best gift itself:-) Usually I wait till 12 at night or the morning for him to wish us but most of the times I have to say “Aren’t u forgetting something;-)”. I asked him if he put any reminder, since when & how many;-) I really don’t care how he remember but I am happy:-)

Talk Baby Talk

Gudiya is been talking in her “own” language since long. The other day She was saying something for 2-3 minutes with all sort of hand actions and she stopped couple of times for me to say something, you know expecting some kind of input. I was just looking at her trying to understand but couldn’t So I told her “Gudiya, I don’t understand what you are trying to say. You are not a little girl anymore. You are 2 now and big kids should talk not babble. So start talking.. OK”.

The next day they were playing & She snatched a toy from A saying “gimme that”:-O. I thought I was imagining so I asked A “What did she say?” He snatched it back from her and she did the same again.. Snatched from him saying “MINE, GIMME THAT”:-) We started laughing. I went to her & gave her a tight hug. She struggled to get away but I didn’t let her and she said “Lemme go” :-O. I looked at her and hugged her tighter while she kept saying “lemme go”:-) A & I was laughing so hard:-) I wanted her to talk but wasn’t in that hurry. I guess she takes things very seriously;-)

While I was writing this she came up to me saying “gimme some more papd (papad:-)”.

Update: She was on the phone with hubby & I was talking to A in the kitchen. All of a sudden I heard “here mamma, here mamma”. I thought I was just imagining cuz A is the one who say this (and he is only other talking person) And since he was talking to me I seriously thought I was imagining. Then I heard it again & when I turned around Gudiya was standing there trying to give me the phone saying “here mamma, here mamma”. OMG was all I could say.. Im not used to to hearing her talk yet. I took the phone & hubby was laughing.. He said she was saying this the 20th time, trying to give me the phone:-) And this is the first time he heard her saying something:-)

Toddler Brain

We have 400 dvds player & u need to hook up a keyboard to enter the names of dvd otherwise its just a dvd sign in front of every number. We have arranged dvds in certain way that songs, movies & Mythological dramas are together. We started from 1 & then from 400 to backward. We watched certain dvds often and so many times hubby ask me about a dvd number & before I can answer him A tells him:-) He can’t even count to 100 but he tells hubby 333 is fanaa, 400 is Rani Mukherjee, 353 is Superman & lot more.. :-)

Yesterday he was writing numbers & from number 15 he was saying the dvd’s name of that number then wrote the number & he did for almost 15 dvds. I don’t know if I should feel happy about this or really cut down the tv time;-) But I was just amazed how he remembered all:-)

Friday, January 05, 2007


The other day we went to Kmart & while we were there they drew a raffle.. It was for jewelry set (chains & bracelets). I was in that aisle anyway so stood there few minutes listening to them but halfway through I got bored & went to next isle where hubby & kids were looking at toys. I put the tickets on the shelf & said its all BS, just waste of time cuz they sell cheap stuff expensive saying its half off and I rather spend more money & get nice thing (we had experience of similar thing). He said you might win something so I decided to go back for the heck of it (thinking: yeah right, I had chance to win(rolling eyes).

Well there were a lot of people so they decided to do 2 raffles instead of 1 and both time some guy won the bracelet. So he said “let do one more since it wasn’t any lady who won both times” and guess what who won this time:-) Me:-)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

From Our Family to Yours:-)

A's First Prize

Gift certificate

With the Librarian

A, A & A :-)

During summer there was a reading program in the library “Paws, Claws, Scales & Tales”. You have to read 20 books in certain time & submit the log. I did it for A and 2 weeks back he got an invitation for the award program. Last week we went there & he got $5 Barnes & Noble gift certificate and a certificate kinda coupon for 2 weeks free karate class.

When the librarian was giving the card to A, Gudiya was saying thank you & wanted one too. I felt bad for her & got her the box cover of the card which was same looking as A’s card. She was happy. I started a log for her too then I didn’t submit, thinking they might think I was doing it for some gift (silly sensitive inner voices).