Sunday, July 29, 2007

Last few months-1

Lots of things happened since April and they said so many cute things that I wanted to post here but now I don't remember most of them:-( Here are some pictures though..

Went to Zoo

Hugs time


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Check this out

Just saw this on Simpsons and guess who enjoyed it the most.. yes, A:-)

Friday, July 13, 2007


Did I mention A graduated in May:-) While everyone was singing and dancing, this guy was sitting there feeling shy and making faces.. take a look:-)

I am still having problem feeding Maharani.. Never thought it will reach to a point where nothing gets done and still no satisfaction of at least making the kids happy because one second all seems good and the next second its back to feeling yuck..

Anyways, still didn’t get chance to visit blogs yet.. Hopefully I will get more time to do all the stuff I was doing before this blah phase of Gudiya..

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Thanks for checking on me and your comments. You all are the best. Since 2 weeks I am thinking of replying and updating the blog but couldn’t. I was gonna write a quick note but I was too optimistic when I thought I could write a whole post when kids are asleep..

Its been very hectic lately. Gudiya is on food strike for almost 3 months now. It wasn’t that big of a deal in the beginning. She wanted only fruits & milk all day. I used to force some bread or few bites of other food at night because I didn’t want her to feel hungry at night, not that she woke up even once and ask for food but I was worried that she might feel hungry in her sleep. After 2 weeks I called the doc and she said if she is active and doesn’t look sick, its ok.. She will learn to eat other stuff few months later.. In my mind I was thinking “OMG, did she say few MONTHS later? It means I have to struggle for few months.. Oh no.” Then Hubby came in the picture. I told hubby to try feeding her at night. He is only here for 2 night a week.. Others days he comes home after their feeding time.. Still it was good if she eats from him but she is stubborn. After all the dramas & all she didn’t eat full meal but she did eat better. I guess she is bored with me and she feels happy by keeping me on my toes & bothering the heck out of me;-)

All day long I was making new things for her and tried to feed her every 2 hrs. Hubby went out of state for a week and it was no break at all for me. She didn’t want to take nap either and A usually sleep very late.. So it was like 24hr. duty. I included lots of activities thinking it will change her schedule and she might come back to her normal ways. We go out for dinner almost every Friday. Saturday is outing day anyway and we are eating our Saturday’s breakfast at IHOP for a month now. A loves it there and she eats ok too. Every Tuesday & Thursday we go out for story time in the library and then visit few stores. I try giving her a bag of junk food to eat,. sometime it works but not always. Then I took her out on Wednesday morning for another story time. This was in a food store and kids could eat food while listing to stories. I loved it cuz she did eat meal there but she got sick the same week and we haven’t been there since then.

The other day she threw up at night & twice in the morning. Now beside feeding her every 2 hrs. I was changing the bed sheets and cleaning the kitchen. I was exhausted & going insane. Same thing happened every time she ate & the next morning we were off to see the doctor. I thought it was just her drama and she is making herself puke but doctor said it was the stomach flu. A never had it so didn’t know the symptoms before. Gave the prescription to the pharmacist & went to grab food. Usually its drive through but hubby decided to go inside. We were almost done and even thought she just had water & hardly ½ spoon of cheese, she threw up there.. Cleaned up the floor while hubby took her to the bathroom. I went to check on her and saw her throwing up there too. Wanted to kill hubby for making the wrong decision at the wrong time but couldn’t since I said yes too. Since then we haven’t been to any store cuz It is embarrassing if she has an accident there. But we are going on long drives & fruit picking since 2 weeks:-)

Doc had told to give her chilled juice & sodas but she refused to drink any of it. On top of that she had the worst cough. I didn’t want to give her any cold thing but didn’t have any other choice. From that evening to next afternoon she had only 2 Popsicles and she was so out of energy. Called the doc and asked if we could start milk since she is not drinking anything else and wants chocolate milk. Milk is no-no in stomach flu case but she said to mix half water & see if she throws up. Well she didn’t and that the only thing she drank & had few spoons of pudding in between. This went on for 11/2 week and now since 3 days she is eating a little better. It was like a newborn in the house again. Because of my constant trying to feed her she didn’t lose much weight. It was few only ounces less when we saw the doc. And she was down total of 1 lb till 2 days back.

In between all this we managed to socialize. Hubby’s friend with family was here from India. He took them to Washington D.C & I was up at 5 in the morning to cook. I had invited 2 other families 3 days apart from each other. Plans were made weeks before and A was very excited so I didn’t want to cancel it. The other day I was up at 4 in the morning to cook and the third guest family was coming on Friday night and I had all day to do stuff. It went great because other families were gujju, marathi & marwadi and I cooked the Punjabi way; 4 appetizers, 5 dishes & 3 sweet dishes ;-). Just like Twisted Dna mentioned in one of his post about Punjabi hosts, my guest called & said they were full for the next 2 days:-) I was happy.. But now no more get together at home for atleast 6 months ;-) Outside meetings are ok because If I start cooking I can’t stop and its too much for me handle now. Kids had great fun because these friends have same age kids as A & Gudiya. Even kids didn’t want to leave our place:-) and another great thing was that Gudiya ate full meal. It was all before the stomach flu episode.

Now she is doing ok since 3 days. No more throwing up. Doc has given the medicine for her eating problem and it suppose to work in 3-4 weeks. I have to wait till she is all better and then start the med so in a day or 2 we will get to that.

Because of too much attention to her A had become so angry. She snatches everything he touches. Usually I don’t let her do that but I knew her crying will lead to throwing up so I tried to make A understand. I felt bad but I had no choice. On the bright side he got 5 jelly beans every time she took something from him.. So it wasn’t that bad, I think. He got 2 cavities and we are going to dentist today so I thought what the heck, let him eat more candy:-) She has became more gundi and everytime she sees me holding A, kissing him or hugging him, she gets very angry.. She starts crying or throwing things. I tell her to sit too but no, she doesn’t want him there sitting in my lap. Again I have to make him understand which I hate to do but he knows he will get some surprise from mommy for his understanding :-)

I will post few pictures tomorrow.. Have dentist appointment in an hr. and a magic show afterwards..