Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fun Summer

Last summer we couldn’t do many summer activities because our daughter was just a baby & it was hard to plan any big thing with both kids. On our outing day we always used to go to toy stores, play grounds & Chuckee Cheese, so this summer we tried to do what we couldn’t do last year. We thought of planning 2 big activities in a month so that kids could enjoy all without getting tired every week and so far it is working really well..

In the beginning of summer we went to The Bronx Zoo. Actually Hubby wanted to go there since our son was just few months old but I thought he would enjoy it more when he could recognize few animals and by the time he was a year old I was pregnant & didn’t want to walk all day long. Finally we could go this year. Even though its a huge Zoo, we were disappointed because we could hardly see any big animal and by the time we walk all the way to see them they were hiding or sleeping somewhere.. We couldn’t see Lion, Tiger or any other interesting animal. That day they had some problem with the Monorail too so got lucked out on that too. It was good thing that we bought family pass since we were planning on all big summer things and thought we would bring the kids more than once. Even though it was a big disappointment, good thing was that we could use the same pass to go to NY Aquarium & Queens Zoo.

Two weeks after our Bronx zoo trip we went to Aquarium. It wasn’t very big Aquarium but kids had so much fun looking at all those colorful fishes and enjoyed the shamu(seal) show very much. Aquarium is kindda on the beach so we had nice board walk after we were done in Aquarium & they have carnival close to the beach so kids get to enjoy 3 things in one day and everything was so much fun. That was the first day when our daughter enjoyed those kiddy rides the first time and she didn’t want to come home.

Then we decided to do something different and took the kids to Sesame Place. We were thinking that kids might not enjoy that much there since they are just toddlers but we were wrong. They had so much fun there that we decided to visit again soon, even though it was almost 2 hr. drive from our place. So far its been 4 times we went to Sesame Place this summer & planning on going there at least once more. Even though the tickets are a bit expensive but its worth every penny when you see your kids having fun. Even our daughter loves it so much that every time she sits in the car all we hear is “Elmo” “Elmo” cuz she thinks that we are going to Sesame Place AGAIN.

Since Bronx Zoo was a flop trip, we went to another Zoo called Space Farm Zoo. This zoo is not as big or clean like Bronx zoo but you can see & feed the animals there. We went to this zoo last year too but this time we had more fun cuz kids could enjoy it a lot. My son fed the deer & other small animals and that’s what we had in mind when we went there. We wanted them to experience something different and it was great.

Last week we went to the beach. Earlier we went there when our son was few months old and couldn’t go afterwards. Now last week they had blast there. My son enjoyed making “Shivling”, “sand castle” & other stuff while my daughter had fun destroying whatever my son was making. She enjoyed going in water more than my son. She was dragging us in the water and at one point she started running towards the water herself. Hubby & I took turn to walk her in the water while my son enjoyed the sand & Kite Flying. It was very nice feeling when we “girls” were walking around in water & both “boys” were flying kite.

So far we are really enjoying our summer and hopefully before the summer ends we will do some more new things like going to farm to pick fresh strawberries or other fruit OR going to The Children Museum in NY Or something else we find fun for the kids.

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