Friday, August 04, 2006

Quick Yummy Rasmalai

I was looking for something I could feed them cold since they are not interested in eating proper meals in this hot weather and this was great sweet dish with enough calories.. I used to make everything from scratch but not these days and I have found a great quick way to enjoy the quality dish.

You need only three things to make this…

Swad Rasgullas Can (not rasmalai since its very chewey).
Heavy cream (small pack)
Ground Pista (sweet)(1 serving spoon or more)

Boil the heavy cream with sweet syrup from Rasgulla pack.. I usually put 1 ½ serving spoon syrup then adjust accordingly afterwards. You want to make it a little sweet cuz when it gets cold you won’t feel the sweetness. Let it cool. Put rasgullas in a container, add the heavy cream and sprinkle the ground pista on it.. Serve it chilled.. (I usually prick them with knife or fork, just a little so that they get moist from inside too and I put it in the freezer for 1/2hr.)

One thing for sure that you won’t get this quality rasmalai anywhere in USA.. Try it and see it for yourself..

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Twisted DNA said...

Looks like even I can make it. The process needs quite skillful tasks as boiling, I can probably manage it! Thanks for the recipie.