Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Surgery Day

We took the kids out the evening before, thinking they might be in pain after the surgery and won’t be able to go out for a week and it was my son’s last class in the library so had to go there. After library we went to a toy store & then had dinner out. Came home, tried to feed the kids since they didn’t eat much before and they weren’t suppose to eat anything after midnight till after their surgery. We wanted to feed them enough to keep them full till few morning hours.

My daughter didn’t eat anything so gave her milk. We wanted the kids to sleep late so that they feel tired & sleepy the next morning and we could avoid their crying for milk especially my daughter’s. My son was all hyper and playing but my daughter slept in few minutes. He played for almost 2 hrs. And fell asleep around 12:30.

Woke up at 4:30. Both of us got ready, changed the kids & left for the hospital around 5:20. Reached there at 6. My daughter was crying seeing people in while coat thinking she will get shot. So I was walking around with her in lobby. In ½ hr. a lady came in the froggy car to take her to the surgery room. My daughter was scheduled first so that we can feed her soon. Her surgery was at 7:30.The nurses gave her lots of stickers on her way to the surgery room. She was a bit better after she sat in the car with stickers all over her gown. Waited in the recovery room for another 1/2hr… She was waving hi to all the doctors & nurses in the room. Everybody was stopping by to talk to her. By the time the anesthesia lady came, she wasn’t scared anymore. Then the doc came to say hi. He drew a smiley on her thumb and she was busy looking at that. They gave me the while suit to wear and in 10 minutes we were on our way to the surgery room. I could feel my knees weakening as I was taking her.

I put her on a table and they gave her a mask to play with. It was cherry flavor & she was putting it to her nose to smell when they hooked the med. pipe to it. She tried to take it off but fell asleep before I could count 5. Pretty strong fumes.. They told me to wait in the recovery room. I wanted to be in the surgery room but doc said that it is not possible so waited in recovery room.

After 25 minutes my son came down with hubby. He was already playing with the mask. Nice trick.. Talk to hubby about what we did after we came down. Played with my son for some time and saw the nurse bringing my daughter. Was relieved that everything went ok. Took my son to the bed where my daughter was sleeping. He wanted to stay with her but it was time for his surgery so took him to the surgery room.

They told him to smell the mask & tell them if it was cherry or strawberry. After 2-3 times they connect the med tube to it.. He tried to take it off but I was holding him tight. He fell asleep but he was looking at me with his eyes open. They told me to leave. I asked then that his eyes are still open and he might be awake and feel hurt when they will put IV but they assured me that he was sleeping. I can’t forget that look my whole life. He won’t remember any of it but I won’t forget it ever. I felt so helpless but it was for this own good.

Came back in the recovery room. Sat down holding my daughter in my lap. She was still asleep. Talk to the nurses while waiting and in about 35 minutes my son was there. Gave my daughter to hubby and went to hold my son. There beds were opposite to each other in the same room. In another 10 minutes my daughter was fully awake so hubby gave her some warm milk. Waited another 1/2hr. there for my son to wake up. When he was little ok we gave him some warm milk too. They took us upstairs in regular recovery room. My daughter was way too hyper and wanted to walk around. My son was sitting quietly in huuby’s lap. Everyone watching them said their sons are like our daughter, very naughty & daughter are like our son… It was hard to make her sit so nurse took out the IV and I dressed both kids and we were out of the hospital around 11:15.

On our way back we wanted to get some soup for the kids and instead decided to go for a buffet as the kids were very hyper. Fed them few spoons of different soups & they had few bites of other food. Went home, gave them shower & slept.

No one could tell that they had surgery but I was nauseas & had throbbing headache for next 2 days. On Monday I was feeling better when my daughter started throwing up. Called her Orthopedist and made sure it wasn’t related to the surgery then called her pediatrician to talk to her. Since yesterday she didn’t throw up but her other end is leaking. Hopefully she will be fine soon.

Here is the picture 2 days after their surgery.. We were going to temple on Ganesh Chaturthi.


Anonymous said...

Is your dd a lefty or righty.....i mean which hand does she work with. I just noticed in the pic that she has the bandage on her rt. hand.

My hugs to both your kids.

I've had similar experiences with my child.....2 such minor surgeries at the age of 18mths. Its most of the time, we parents get very worried and paranoid. The child-care in children's hosp here in the US is fatastic. They even ask the which flavor anesthetic gas would they prefer......

Another case of surgery for kids, always try scheduling a early morning time. It works acid reflux and recovery is better.

Aparna said...

Glad everything went off smoothly! Hugs to both kids, and to you.

k's mom said...

Wow! You've been thru some pretty scray stuff. Hats off to you for holding up throughout the day! And am very glad things went off well. Your kids are brave and strong! Troopers :)

Twisted DNA said...

Glad to know they are doing fine. It must have been a harrowing experience for you!

Sush said...

Great.. everything went on smoothly and there is nothing to worry now... hope the kiddo feels well otherwise too.

Lots of love to the kids..

artnavy said...

Must have been so distressing....tehy look cool in teh nsaps..... Just a wheek back I was wonderign how do you check an infant's vision?

mommyof2 said...

anon:She is righty but she is been using her left hand(mostly)to pick up her toys and for support she is using her right hand. She did't have any problem or got frustrated holding anything:-)

And the mask is the flavor one not the anestetic gas. I think the hardest part is holding the mask to their nose and one its there they quickly insert the tube on the outer side of it. I smelled the mask too.. It was like sticking your head in candy box:-)

So sorry to hear about child. Its aweful to see them in pain. Even if they don't feel it sometimes, we feel twice the pain just thinking about it.. I guess its called Motherhood. My son doesn't remember anything about the surgery but Im still still seeing the whole hospital day as if it was today.. *sigh

And thanks for your hugs.

Aps: Thanks:-)

K's mom: Thanks. It was pretty scary. Only if I had a magic stick to make everybody feel better especially the kids.

twisted dna: Thanks. It was. They won't remember it but I won't forget it my whole life.

sush: thanks.

artnavy: It was very and still is when I see their hands.

They were all hyper,especially my daughter, as soon as they woke up after their surgery. I am the one who need rest:-)

And about infant vision, I am not sure but i would hold a bright toy and make them grab it and take it further away from the baby and see if they could still see & grab the toy:-)And obviously doctors have their way of telling by checking their eyes.

Tharini said...

So glad to hear that everythign went so smoothly. But nothing can take away from what you have felt and experienced on that day. How long do they have to have the bandages on? And when is the followup for it?

mommyof2 said...

Tara, their follow up was yesterday & the bandages have been removed, Thank God. They were looking scary(to me).. I tried to color them with markers still they were colorful scary..