Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

This is the first Mother’s day we will be celebrating cuz no one remembered before;-) This year A has concept of celebrating but for some reason its only the taking part he connects with each holiday. On B’day HE wants a big present, On Christmas he wants lots of other things from Santa and on weekends he has his plan to visit his favorite places. So I thought now is the good time to introduce them the concept of making someone else’s day special too and a day where you give gift instead of expecting one;-)

So last week I told hubby & A that we are celebrating Mothers day.. Even though we go out on Saturdays only, I want to celebrate on THAT day, not advance.. I want to go to “that” place for lunch & I want a card from A;-) Next morning hubby wished me “Happy Mothers day” lol.. and I told him that it will be next week;-) Its been busy week to make the card still they STARTED making it the other day:-)

This morning hubby wished me after I asked him “Aren’t you forgetting something?” ;-) I think after going though this checklist he thought Mothers day could be the possibility and since we did talk about it YESTERDAY, he wished me;-) Then he told A & Gudiya to wish me:-) Now I am waiting for my card & lunch;-) oh and next year I don’t want to pick the place, they have to give me a surprise;-)

I wanted to post this today, on Mothers day since I won’t be able to post till tomorrow.. I will update later with pictures of the card & lunch:-)

Happy Mothers day:-)


Monday, May 07, 2007

4 Feet

The other day we were in a playground and A saw a sign of “4 feet” and picture of kids playing together..

Mamma, it says 4 years old kids can play with their friends here. (Since he turned 4 every 4 numbers means 4 YEARS.)

No, Its not 4 years, its 4 feet.. F-E-E-T.

4 feet?


(He looked down and counted 1,2) But I have only 2. How do you get 4 feet?