Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My son was in the bathroom doing his “business”. When he was peeing a tiny noise (fart) came out of his other end. He got very excited and said

“Mommy look I can do magic. I can do pee-pee aur phir “paddi”(fart) bhi aa jati hai(then fart comes too).”

I smiled, standing outside the bathroom.

Now he was into more magic tricks..

He tried to burp and after that many tries it had to come so he goes

“Ab mein gale se bhi magic kar sakta hoon” (I can do magic from my throat too)

“Ok, good”

Few seconds later

“Look Mommy, Jab mein butt hilata hoon na toh potty bhi aa jati hai”(Everytime I move my butt, potty comes”)

“Yeah baby, Potty ko patha chal jata hai ke tum butt hila kar use hi bula rake ho”
(Potty knows that you are calling it by moving your butt)

I couldn’t help but smiling on his magic tricks. Didn’t have the heart to tell him that EVERYBODY can do all these magic trick but no one likes to brag about it.. Or do you??

I will let him enjoy his “magic tricks” and later I will embarrass him in front of his girlfriend/wife and kids by exposing his “tricks”.

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