Thursday, August 17, 2006


When I found out that I was having a daughter, very first thing came in my mind was that now my son will have someone to tie him Rakhi.

Last year it was so exciting to see her trying to eat all the sweets I put on the Rakhi thali, play with sindoor & rice and try to snatch Rakhi thread from my son’s hand.

This year she was in different mood on Rakhi day. Didn’t want to sit at all. I tried to hold her for few seconds but she just wanted to walk around, play with her toys and cry for no reason . Every time I tried to make her sit, she started crying.

One of my cousins requested to give him Olives while tying Rakhi because he used to ask for olives every time we ordered pizza in India and it was so funny for them to see him making his own topping choice. Finally she got distracted with Olives I put in one plate but seconds later she wanted to hold the whole plate & started crying again. It was just too much to ask her to sit for 5 minutes still we tried to do everything making her sit for few seconds at a time while my son waited patiently for her to tie Rakhi. I hope she will be in better mood next year..

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