Friday, February 09, 2007

Winter Activities

This post is in response to aps question:-)

Winter or any other season, we go out only on weekend so I have to keep them busy all year round:-) Still this is something going on this winter;-)

1. A loves to play on computer. He would play 24hrs. If we let him:-) His favorite games are Mario, prince, few games on nickjr. And lots of other game websites. He gets bored very easily so no particular favorite game site.

Gudiya can play few games beside her favorite clicky clicky time on computer;-) Her favorite game is this. She can find fisher-price icon by herself & click on it then she can click on the infant option for the game & she is busy for few minutes. Her other favorite website is pbskids. She just like to click on everything..

2. Most of the times they play with each other.. Actually they play for few minutes until gudiya hit him and I am busy for the next 1/2hr. with one crying kid & 1 jealous kid (always Gudiya), who is mad at mommy for holding A:-) So next 15 minutes its huggy & kissy time with her after yelling at her for 5 minutes for hurting A.. at least 2 rounds of this activity everyday;-)

3. Now this activity starts with them picking something to do like A sits on his pooh ride-on and she is playing with something else then all of a sudden she will grab him from his shirt & pull him off the pooh. Or If he is trying to pickup something off the floor & gets up from the seat white still on the pooh, She (waiting for this to happen for few minutes) runs to him & sit on the pooh before him:-) Now he is standing (well kind of;-) on the pooh & she is sitting there, refuse to get up. He cry saying he was there first but she usually closes her eyes & smile. Why close her eyes?, cuz she doesn’t want to look at mommy looking at her with her eyebrows up indicating get up or else;-) So these days she pretends she didn’t see that:-) and next read#2:-)

4. Every day I give them few stickers to put on the window:-)

5. They like to run after one another until one bumps into the other or get nauseous (which is within 5 minutes:-)

6. He likes to pick her up and she likes that so all day she ask him to do that and I see that at least 20 times a day:-)

7. If A doesn’t bother her she liked to draw things for 10-15 minutes:-)Usually She want us to hold her hand but once or twice a day she wants alone time with doodle writer:-)

8. Almost every evening we like to spend around ½ an hr. playing “Simon Says”, dance on poems or songs etc.. Latest favorite song is from the pooh book

Round and round and do-si-do!
Music makes me tap my toe!
Grab a partner! Feel the beat!
Music gives me happy feet!

9. Right now she is putting her hand on the window glass and then putting it on our face saying “thana”(thanda/cold:-)

10. We watch the wiggles at least 7-8 times a day and others favorite shows are Dora, Diago, Dragon tales, Backyardigans etc.. Unlimited tv times.

11. I like to spend some time with A.. You know giving him attention without worrying about gudiya getting mad at me. So when hubby is home I try to do some small project with him. He can’t sit & pay attention for more than 5 minutes but I want to take advantage of hubby holding gudiya so that I can use the scissors & our project don’t get ripped without us finishing it first.. She contributes coloring & all but only for few seconds:-) These are 2 things I errr we made:-) mask & kite

(Fighting to hold the same end of the thread.. )

And for this weekend I am thinking of making some valentine day cards with A for his teachers:-)

12. A loves to play with play dough but Gudiya always do silly stuff like throwing dough every where including in her hair & diaper so we stop playing with it when she is around. On A’s school days I force her to take nap when its time for A to come home (doesn’t work every day though) and have one activity ready for A to play while eating. I usually have 1 hr. to give A shower, feed him & play with him stuff like

Play dough
Finger paint
Paint with dropper
Use the scissors

(Ganesh ji(I helped him a bit), then he made shiji & parvati ma:-)

13. A’s favorite activity is being mommy’s little helper:-) The cooking part is his favorite even though hubby doesn’t approve it;-) Sometimes we make sandwich together or he break the lettuce if I let him:-) Not very often though, just once in a while because of obvious reason;-)

14. Sometimes I tell him story with pics. This is what we did the other day. We didn’t want to use sticks or glue because we were in bed & gudiya was awake so we used toothpicks instead:-)She wasn't even letting me draw.. Its the story of a hardworking bee and I drew bee on black paper cuz gudiya wasn't giving us the yellow paper:-)

That’s all I could think of right now:-)


@ said...

what an exhaustive list! thanks for some of the ideas, incl the FP site.
you've got one bossy girl there!I had to stop myself from LOL at her closed eyes - "she doesn’t want to look at mommy"

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

wow....being a mom is sure a full time job.....

SM said...

OMG woman!! A thousand pranaams to you..I wish I were 1/2 as good as you with 1/2 as many kids (read the one and only Ananya the terror!!)

Rohini said...

Ohmigod. You might just have scared me off my second kid plans :)

rads said...

aww, you make a wonderful mom and it shows in every smile and word you write. Good job! :-)

Asha said...

That's a LOT of activities!!Good for you and them ,Enjoy!:)))

Orchid said...

how adorable! can I borrow your kids for sometime till I make another of my own...I feel my poor li'l A is so lonely :)

starry nights said...

Your kids are so adorable.I cannot imagine providing so many activities for them.You are a good mom.

NZ said...

Hi , just left a comment on your ' are you a lurker' post cos can't remember if I have ever commented, but I do visit your blog as much as I can :-)

Loved gudiya's 'close-the-eyes-and-mummy-won't-see' - so cute :-)Her attitude is very similar to my daughter's, she loves bossing over her brother !

U are a fantastic mom.

Keshi said...

u have cute kids...Winter wont be that bad for ya. Look at em playing and having fun...keeps u warm ha :)


artnavy said...

lovely- do u watch "art attack" - it is aired on disney channel here
i think A will like it

Alapana said...

Tough job lady,you become a kid with kids to make them grow into wonderful adults, strange isn't it.Kudos to you and all other mothers who does so much at home and give so much for their kids,you are a wonderful mom,god bless:)
and one question, "why doesn't your hubby approve your son helping you in the kitchen?

mommyof2 said...

@: You r welcome:-) There is one animal sound game on that site. Kodi will love it and you too;-)

And she is our little terror:-)

ganesh: Yes:-)

sm: oh no no no, they are list of things we do but not in one day;-) I am sure you do lots of things to make Ananya happy:-) You may not put it as activity but even babbling with them is equally tiring as doing 10 activities:-)

rohini: second kids is fun;-) really, it’s the best present you can give to ur first born (My opinion) and less headache for you cuz most of the time they bother each other instead of parents;-)

rads: thanks:-) You are a very good mother too cuz you have lots of patience which I lack & Im working on it this year;-) lots to learn yet:-)

asha: thanks:-)

Orchid: Well we come in as package deal. Both kids with mamma:-) How about you sending A here and then you can freely make another baby;-)

Starry: thanks:-) We don’t do all everyday;-)

NZ: Thanks:-) All moms are great in their own ways:-) And whats up with girls bossing over boys.. I tell my hubby that they are already in training;-) Thanks for the comment & coming back:-)

Keshi: They are my little heart warmer & shocker ;-) I have no trouble keeping then inside all year long as we only go out once or twice a week:-)

alapana: thanks:-) Its fun becoming kids again:-) You will be a great mother too:-)

"why doesn't your hubby approve your son helping you in the kitchen?"

He thinks its the first step of becoming gay. He tell me “stop doing all this (cooking) with him otherwise he with bring “damad/jamai” one day;-)”

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