Tuesday, February 20, 2007


…Which made my life a bit easier

Your belly is very hungry and asking for food.

Now you ate food, your belly is very happy.

I think food didn’t reach to your toes and now they will be very hungry & eat ur nails (mean, I don’t think so, cuz this makes him eat few more bites;-)

I can see germs in between your teeth, let brush & say bye bye to them (Even Gudiya wants to brush every morning;-)

You have 2 choices, eat your food or I have to call the doctor & she will put food in a shot & do “tuchi tuchi.

Eat your food if you want to get big & strong otherwise Gudiya will finish it & get bigger than you. (a healthy threat;-)

Say bye bye to ____ , bye bye to___ (any time we want to leave from a store or park or anywhere (thanks Aps:-))

Remember Jai-Jai & Santa are watching you so try to be a good boy;-)

Lines from his mouth

After burp- Mommy my belly is happy and saying thank you:-)

Mommy food is gonna come out of my belly button.

He wait till the last second to go pee & then he says “Come on mamma, my peepee is in hurry”.

The other day we were out & he wanted to go potty. We were ½ hr. away from home and I told him to wait (I hate public toilets). After few minutes he said “ Hurry up mommy, my belly wants to spit up from the butt:-O” I thought I didn’t hear him right but he couldn’t be any more clear;-)

Last week went to a store and while I was looking for some stuff, he said
“Mamma, are you getting this for me?”
“Yes, for everybody”
“I have to eat and get big & strong”
“After I eat my Pee Pee will get bigger too”

I really hope that the guy standing in the same aisle didn’t hear A and I quickly went in the next aisle”
Yeah, I told him not to say that again, the millionth time.

He keep interrupting us when we are talking so I told him to say “excuse me” before he talk and now he interrupt us saying “Excuse me Mamma, can I talk”.

I tell him to say to gudiya (I think kids listen to each other;-) “Don’t be a naughty girl or don’t do this or that. I tell him in Hindi (how else he gonna learn then;-) & he says the same in English to her”.

Everytime hubby comes home both kids make sure hubby washes his hands, feet & change his cloths. Most of the time one stands there guarding & giving him instructions;-)

He finishes all my sentences, seriously.. If I say “get me that” hubby needs to know what am I referring to but A knows whats “that” mamma need:-)


SM said...

Belly wants to spit up from the butt!! How right is that!! Kids say the darndest things!! U have a smart one on you rhands-make that 2.

Keshi said...

LOL so very cute!


itchingtowrite said...

good ones.. i must make aq note to use such lines with mine

Asha said...

Why do these boys wait until the last minute to pee?! Mine does it too,it is a little strange!!:D

He is a good son who knows what mamma wants!:)

@ said...

eat your food or I have to call the doctor
aah, so this is the hitler side of you :)

that 'spit up' line has to be the best description yet for the act!

A Little Light said...

“Excuse me Mamma, can I talk”.

hahaha..so funny n cute :)))

starry nights said...

OMG I could not stop laughing."A" is a handful.

nz said...

so cute :-) 'excuse me' thing still happens with my daughter. When me and hubby are talkng she would continuously say xcuse me and when I ask her not to interrupt when we are talking - she reminds us " but I am saying 'xcuse me' !!"

Orchid said...

LOL...my A says some of those thigns too but in his own language ofcourse..but that belly wanting spit from the butt was hilarious :)

Gauri said...

Cute ones :-))

Kids do come out with original ones dont they ??

mommyof2 said...

sm::-) I wonder how he came up with that though;-)

Keshi: :-)

i2w: Let me know if it works:-)

Asha: Something has to do with boy genes;-)

@: :-) I told you;-)

a little light: he has no patience;-)

starry: He is been saying lot of things lately.. I wonder what comes next now;-)

NZ: They leave us speechless, don’t they;-)

Orchid: thanks:-) How about a post on your A’s talk:-)

gauri: tell me about it.. I loved the one you post on “love”.