Thursday, February 15, 2007

New game

Is there anything called too much kissing? Whenever I try to kiss Gudiya she puts her arm diagonal on her face and start giggling. If I try to kiss her above the arm she slides her hand there and if I try below her arm she slides is down:-) It’s her new game these days which makes mommy kiss her more, more and more:-)


starry nights said...

I don't think you can give your kids enough of kisses.They are just so lovable.I think she is just having fun.

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

No mommyof2, there is absolutely no such thing is this world such as too much hugging and kissing...

Did you teach her the game or she just kinda picked it up.

Asha said...

MOMMY!!! You are smothering the kid!!!Leave her alone for while!!;D

Orchid said...

Maybe she's trying to tell you she is getting big now and doesn't need as many kisses ?? Just kiddin' enjoy your girl and your new game.

madsies said... game for the kids...and MOMS dont stop them we play along!

have fun and enjoy it just as much as she does :-)

Twisted DNA said...

"Is there anything called too much kissing?"
Nope :) I love to kiss our son and he love to kiss me and his mom back.

But in general too, I am a big "kiss" person.. I love to kiss and don't believe that there is too much kissing ever :)

Arz000n said...

As far as kids are concerned...I dont think there is anything called as too-much-kissing...they are just lovable and the more you do, its always less :)


mommyof2 said...

Starry: mommy is having lots of fun playing this game with her too:-)

ganesh: Kids these days are way advance than us;-) I didn’t teach her that:-)

asha: I can’t leave her alone:-) My morning doesn’t start without her kiss;-) and soon she will be all grown up and she will not going to let me kiss her then so I got to kiss her alot yet;-)

orchid: oh no, its not the time for that talk;-) She is not old enough to feel embarrassed by mommy’s kisses:-)

madsies: Im trying my best;-)

twisted: Kissing ur kids give u such warm feeling and getting the same back is just heart melting.

“I love to kiss and don't believe that there is too much kissing ever :)”
We are talking about mommy kisses;-) Call your mommy & get all the kisses you want;-)

arz000n: you are absolutely right.. More you do, its always less:-)