Monday, February 19, 2007

My baby..

Yesterday A was coughing and as soon as Gudiya heard him, she ran to him & pat his back and gave him a kiss:-)

Since last week she is saying “Yup” instead of yes.

Since 3 days she is been saying “choomick (excuse me;-)” after every sneeze and burp.

Few days back she came in the kitchen and said
“Mamma, I mant (want) Pizza”
“But we don’t have pizza”
“No mamma, I mant pizza:-o”
“But we don’t have it”
“I mant egg, big egg (whole boiled) :-O”

She is been doing dancing action of atleast 20 wiggle songs without looking at them & just a second before they actually do in the video.

She goes in the kitchen, turn on the tv, sit on chair, watch tv for few seconds and comes back in the living room.

Yesterday she woke up & asked, “Where is Papa”… yes, she said her first whole sentence:-)

Today they wanted to eat the whole apple but I had to go do pooja, which means leaving the kids alone for 10 minutes watching tv alone in the kitchen, so I was cutting is very tiny pieces for them to eat by themselves saying “no, you can’t have full apple until mommy comes back” and all of a sudden she said to A “A, no roro(cry), no big appey(apple), momma appey cut”:-o.

My baby is growing up.. I am not ready for it yet..


A Little Light said...

Hi Mommyof2,
Life is full of u really dont have to worry..i m sure ur little girl will keep you entertained!Do i sound like a granny now?LOL!!!

@ said...

choomick! sooo soo cute!

re: the cough and the apple incidents - tell me again, who is the older one?? ;)

nz said...

thats cho chweeet !! I wish I was blogging when my kids were that age ! 'yup' reminds me that at two my daughter would say at least 10 'yups' if we asked her a question :-)

Enjoy it while this stage lasts, bcos as I keep saying, they grow up sooo fast.....

Sush said...

I know... I guess that must be the most difficult phase.. we want the kids to grow up and yet we want them to be sweet, innocent and babies all the while.. enjoy every single moment as it comes

Asha said...

Deal with it M! Teenage is just around the corner!!!HAHAHA!!

Keshi said...

Readin abt ur babies n their baby talk is like sweet music to my ears. So very cute!


Has to be me said...

Awww how chuveet of Gudiya! How old are A & Gudiya?

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

so sweett....

starry nights said...

After listening to what A and gudiya say I wish my children were little again. your kids are just too cute.

Orchid said...

I just read the previous post and now really are lucky, two kids and both almost grwon and independent....good job! MO2

Arz000n said...

ahhh talk..
They really sound cute...the first word n the funny sentences they make all the time...

No..I neva had a baby myself...I was just assuming this is wht happens :P


Gauri said...

Oh yes (I mean Yup :-0) Enjoy them now G. Kids do grow up real fast - much faster nowadays than one expects them to.

Like @ said, after reading the "Appey" incident - just for an instant made me wonder too as to which one of them was elder :-))

Bless them both !! They're lovely kids.

mommyof2 said...

A little light: “i m sure ur little girl will keep you entertained!”

I hope so too:-) and no you don’t sound old:-)

@ & gauri: Actually she saw A doing it to her every time she coughed and ofcourse A got it from me;-)

NZ: Sound so cute na:-)

Sush: yeah, we want a piece of both words;-) We want them to grow up so that we feel free but at the same time I want them to continue their cute babyish stuff:-)

Asha: Oh no, not so soon;-)

Keshi: Yes, its music until you have your own;-) lol! Thanks:-)

HTBM: thanks:-) almost 4 years old & 2 years:-)

ganesh: Thanks:-)

Starry: thanks:-) Everytime I see a baby cooing or read about other babies doing babyish stuff, I want to have another baby;-) But thanks to technology we have videos of kids doing all that;-)

Orchid: thanks:-) I think it was the best decision;-)

arz000n: “I was just assuming this is wht happens”

yeah, everything out of their mouth sound cute:-)

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