Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where is Gudiya?

We usually watch latest home videos which have both kids in it and y’day we were watching A’s video when he was leaning to roll & crawl. He watched it for few seconds and said

What am I doing, mamma?

You are learning to crawl:-)

Why couldn’t I crawl?

Because you were a baby then.

Oh Ok, then I ate lots of food & got big?


Where is Gudiya (in the video)?

She wasn’t there yet.

Where was she?

She was with Jai-Jai.

Why was she with Jai-Jai?

*Thinking* Because Jai-Jai said “A is a little baby yet so do lots of pari pari to him and when he is a little bigger I will send gudiya.” (I was so proud of myself for thinking this answer;-)

oh ok, so Jai Jai send Gudiya because I am a big boy now?


Mamma, I love to play with Gudiya now cuz I am a big boy and I can teach her lots of stuff too.

Yes, you are such a good boy:-)

I think I dealt with the big question “where do babies come from” for now or until he will realize I fooled him;-) What do you think?:-)


gau said...

Hehe...that was cute! For a minute I thought he was going to say "now when Gudiya eats and becomes big can jai-jai send one more baby for us?" ;)

Who knows, He might if you ask nicely, what do you think???? ;)


mommyof2 said...

lol! I was afraid of that too;-) actually he started saying something like gudiya is a big girl now but then he said "I love to play with her:-)". I was thinking that he was gonna ask for another baby and guess what I had the answer too just incase he had asked "Jai Jai gave all the babies to other people and he doesn't have anymore for us;-) Or jai jai only gives 2 babies"

Sush said...

good one... :)

Gauri said...

I second what Gau said :-)))

precisely what went thru my mind as well G.

Anyways, good fast thinking on your feet mom.

Anonymous said...

Smart girl! :)

The green template makes your blog much easier to read. I love it.


The Mad Momma said...

oh gosh.. i am dreading the 'where did i come from' question!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

How long will jai-jai fool him? 1-2 years more would be my guess. You better start preparing your 'birds and bees' talk.

Asha said...

When he asks again in few years ,donot lie and make up something!!Get books and tell him the truth with proper words for body parts!It's better if he learns from you than others!!:))
Example:When T was in 6th grade ,she came home from school one day and told me that her friends told her 'if you have sex just one time,you don't get pregnant!!' I almost fell of the sofa,drove to the library like crazy,got books and educated her completely!!I am so glad I did that now that she is in High school and so smart!:))

mommyof2 said...

sush: :-)

gauri: Thanks:-) Kids do make you quick thinker:-) and baby shop is close for us;-)

Poorni: Thanks:-) You should've said something about the template earlier and I would've changed it then:-)

themadmomma: don't worry, once we are through we will give you notes;-)How are you feeling? My second pregnancy was way tooooo tiring.

ganesh: make that another 4-5 years and until then we have to blame it on Jai Jai:-)

Asha: oh God!Good thing they didn't experimented their theory;-)I agree with you about leaning the proper way. I think once he is in middle school we will have "the talk" or just give him the book to read;-)j/k

starry nights said...

I think you handled the question appropriately for a child. I thought it was cute.

Anonymous said...

"You should've said something about the template earlier and I would've changed it then"

I thought you might say that it's your blog, so you set the rules. And i usually don't complain ;)


Keshi said...

u always have an awesome time with ur kids dun u!

so sweeeeeeet :)

itchingtowrite said...

i too thought next wud be send one more for since gudiya is big now.. but the answer was cute and sufficed for the moment

mommyof2 said...

starry, I2W: Thanks:-)I was pround of myself for thinking that;-)

Poorni: Oh no no no.. Im not like that:-)I guess I liked that template & my mind ignore to think that it was hard to read until I went to another blog with same template;-)But this one seems enough colorful and I wanted change:-)I like suggestions so feel free to say anything:-)

Keshi: I try my best;-)