Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kya Mamma & Because

Since last few months I started using “kya” word a lot. Every time kids do something I say

Kya hai A or Gudiya, kya kar diya..

Or to hubby

Kya yaar :-)

I guess, in my mind, Im trying to wait for their explanation and this waiting stops me from yelling at them and believe me it works every time:-)

And since Gudiya started “talking” this is the word she uses lots of times a day:-)

Yesterday I gave her aloo.. It was a bit warm.. She held it & put it back in the plate and said, with hands in question, “Kya hai Mamma, gam(hot)” I couldn’t stop laughing:-)

Everytime I hold A, gudiya gets mad at me & lay down on the floor with sad face.. Yes, she makes angry sad face with almost tears in her eyes:-) I tell her to come to me and the minute I hold her, she ask me “Kya hai Mamma”:-)

So many times a day I hear “Kya hai Mamma” without even saying or doing anything:-) Now even when A & hubby are doing something together Or A is not giving her something, she starts crying saying Kya hai Mamma”:-) I was telling hubby that everytime she says that she makes me feel guilty for no reason. Still everytime she says that I just can’t stop kissing her:-)

And A’s latest favorite word is “Because”. He is at this age where he has millions of questions about everything and even after getting the answer he keep saying because, because.. grrr.. I was started to get very annoyed. And now whenever he ask me any question I say to him “I will tell you why only if you won’t say “because” after that and we are done after 2-3 “because” and me repeating everything;-)”


Praba said...

hi mommyof2-

yay! first one to comment, and first time, I guess...

Love your new template! I have come to your blog so many times, and leave w/o leaving comments! Sorry!

How old is your gudiya? I have two odf my own - a 4 yr old and 7 mnth old. When do you start giving alu to babies and dahi as well? With my older kid I did the yobaby first, and till date, it's an ordeal getting her to eat plan dhahi. She is fine with potatoes, but I started giving her those pretty late...I want to do it differently with my second one, and get her to eat all kinds of desi foods before 18 mnths...


mommyof2 said...

prabha: Love your new template!


I have come to your blog so many times, and leave w/o leaving comments!

I am glad that you came back to read more.. that’s important and makes me happy:-) Thanks.

I have very laid back approach towards things especially parenting;-) I think that each baby is different so instead of going by book, just go by baby:-) My gudiya is almost 26m. These days she is into eating in her own plate with her own spoon & fork:-) But I started giving them food very early. I think when they were around 7m, I used to give mashed banana, dal, kchidi or anything that melts in their mouth or they could swallow easily (mostly Gerber baby food).

As far as desi food, well I am still trying.. Every time I tried giving them something desi they were interested till 2nd or 3rd spoon so instead of forcing to eat only desi food I gave them whatever they wanted (I don’t have that much time or energy 3-4 times a day just to force them;-) I have this problem because we hardly eat desi food and anytime we do they like chicken tikka and eat full meal but if its anything else, they refuse.

My suggestion will be to give ur regular stuff mashed with dahi & see how she takes it and once she is old enough to see the older one eating, you won’t have to try. In my house, everytime gudiya see A eating something she wants it(most of the times:-)

Good Luck!

Asha said...

Hello M! Howdy?

LOL at Gudiya's "Kya hai mommy?" I don't think she knows the meaning.A's 'because' is American school menace.
My son says "coz" to everything too!:D
I ask "Why did you take the Nano to school?" and he says "coz!" Go figure.
I say 'it's just one word which doesn't mean anything,why can't say something else?" he says "coz!"!!

mommyof2 said...

asha: howdy:-) its funny cuz A does the same:-)

why did i do that?

I want that,mamma.

TS said...


Love the new look! and I can totally relate to the "because"...I get it from both of them now,even Baby Siddh says it and he's not even 2!


Anonymous said...

hey mo2,
You changed your template and I have a couple of posts to catch up with :) I agree with son starts every sentence with "because" too :)


Keshi said...

LOL so very cute!


Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute.I think the word"Because" is going to stay with them All the kids use it over here.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Your marital conversations must be running like this these days:
You:"Kya yaar, ye (insert appropriate phrase here) nahi kiya?"
Your hubby:"Because... umm.... because"

and then you greatest fan, your daughter comes up and takes up the baton, barraging him with some more 'kya'-s :)

I liked this post: an insight into your life.

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

Kya hai Mamma, gam

that must have sounded soooo cute..

mommyof2 said...

trupti: thanks:-)

Orchid: I thought it was time for a change:-) How are you feeling?

keshi: thanks:-)

starry: thanks:-) I guess its new trend of saying because;-)

sudipta: are you saying you didn't like my other posts?;-)

And its my son who uses "because" not hubby:-)Hubby just likes to stick his head into tv during every conversation:-)

ganesh: since she started "talking" anything out of her mouth sound cute these days:-)

Alan said...

I enjoy reading posts like this as it forces me to get out my trusty Hindi-English dictionary. So I'm translating it to "What is A? or What is Mamma?" There must be something subtle I'm not picking up on.

Kya kar diya. (What hand see?) Let's see what's in your hands?

Yaar as in "Where's the party, yaar?"

Maybe I'm being presumptous and it's something other than Hindi.

I like your new template. It's much easier on the eyes when reading.

mommyof2 said...

Alan: sorry to make this post an hindi test for you;-) I thought you will be familiar with these words:-)

Kya- What
Kar Diya- did you do

Kya hai A- What is this A?

yaar- friend; actually its a punjabi word:-)

Thanks for liking the template:-)