Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

This is what A & I baked for hubby as a surprise, Big Cookie:-)
Happy Valentines Day everybody:-)

On a twisty note, I got twist in my life err in my neck;-) I had pull a muscle while sleeping and now my neck & shoulder along with left arm is feeling twisty since 2 days:-) I knew it was coming though cuz both kids want to hold my hand & they pull it very hard. Now Im looking at everything like a kid cheating in the exam, looking but not looking look:-) Y’day I was trying to lay down but couldn’t put my head on pillow so I had to hold my neck with one hand & hold my shoulder with the other hand and gudiya thought I was doing some circus trick for her, she laughed & laughed:-) Well she had to pay for that cuz I taught her how to press mamma and do “mukiyan”:-) Kids are getting kick out of it cuz some time when they say something and I can’t see them, I had to turn in circle like a dog is chasing his tail and they think its funny:-)


starry nights said...

Happy Valentines Day to you.thats a nice big cookie.I hope you feel better.not a nice feeling with a creak in the neck. How are you coping with all that snow.

Asha said...

Very very nice cookie!! Hope are having a great day today M!!:))

Btw,I found your comment on Alfredo sauce yesterday,I think I missed your q somehow.Yes,you can use milk with little cornstarch added to it to make it thicker.Sorry about not replying quickly.

nz said...

Happy V'day to you too :-) I think its great that u involve A in the kitchen - looks like he enjoys helping too :-)

Orchid said...

Happy V-day to you too MO2...and hope you feel better soon

itchingtowrite said...

how sweet. get well soon. loved teh winter activities and the play dough. I too love that and have saved one for them. they got it as a gift . can pick up ideas from your blog later on on the shapes and the other games u play

artnavy said...

i love teh cookie

and poor u- it must be painful- i recollect gettign this when i tried to learn swimming

Has to be me said...

HVD 2 u 2! Hope u r doing now dear. BTW I enjoyed ur previous posts a lot! :)

Has to be me said...

Sorry that was supposed 2 be - Hope u r doing better now dear! ;p

madsies said...

Oh thats too bad! and with 2 kids..that sure must hurt! And thats a nice cookie there!

happy V day!

@ said...

wow at the cookie! and ouch at the neck sprain - better now or the same?

mommyof2 said...

Starry: Hope you had fun V-Day:-) I love snow.. Even though it was too much still we went out that day to play in snow;-)

asha: Had great time:-)I made the sauce y'day but taste wasn't the same so Im going to try ur recipe with the heavy cream & all:-)

NZ: He is mommy's little helper:-)

Orchid: Thanks:-) Hope you had great day too:-)I was trying to access ur page but was getting some problem.. actually not only yours but couple of them. Will try again:-)

I2w: Thanks:-)

artnavy: thanks:-) I made it with whole wheat & it tasted like "churi" without the hard work:-)this pain is killer. I think it will take few more days till it go away completly.

HTBM: thanks:-)

madsies: Thanks:-) I hope you had fun V-day too:-)The pain is still there but not that much. Its a blessing that both kids are bothering each other not mommy:-)

@: thanks:-) Its whole wheat cookie:-)Pain is gone 80% with hubby offering to rub med 2 times a day;-)

Twisted DNA said...

Sorry but I can't help laughing imagining you and the laughing kids! Hope you are feeling better. Happy valentines day!