Sunday, December 03, 2006


Few days back we got Krishna movie for kids, thinking they will enjoy it like they did Hanuman and Ganesha but after watching it for few minutes they were bored. Since Friday I tried to make them watch 2-3 times but they weren’t interested at all. They wanted to watch other movies but not Krishna.

I don’t blame them cuz it has very poor animation & you get headache after watching it for a little while. Eventually A liked some “Makhan chori” scene & wanted to watch it. Since then he wanted to eat makhan too so I made oatmeal for him & he finished it:-) Y’day morning I asked him what he wanted for breakfast & he asked for makhan:-) Now he likes to sleep like krishna, on his side & one hand under his cheek:-) But when I ask him if he wants to watch the movie, he still is not interested in watching it again..

If you are thinking of buying this movie, don’t waste ur money. It is not worth it. Get Hanuman instead… Hanuman was the best Indian animated movie I saw & I still can watch it 2-3 times a day. I was hoping Ganesha movie would be like Hanuman too but it was only half as good as Hanuman, still it was not that bad but Krishna is just way too puppet like movie..


artnavy said...

Thanks for the input

Asha said...

Great info,MO2! My kids love to read Amar Chitra Katha comics with all these characters.I don't get these cds or DVDs but I will try to get Hanuman somehow:)

mommyof2 said...

Asha, I got Hanuman from India and the quality is just awesome & my Uncle sent me ganesh from there but anytime I get dvd from here Its not that good so these days I stop looking for the original stuff. If you want any dvd, let me know cuz my dvd retal place sell dvd in $2 to me:-) ONLY ME:-))but thats the copy of original.. I don't care these days & they work as good as the ones I got from ebay or any other store:-)

Kalpana said...

Thanks. You saved us.

Asha said...

Hi again MO2!:D

How am I supposed to know it's not a comment,I just publish all of them whole sale and then read the comments in the blog:))

Next time say 'Do not publish' when it's just info for me,then I will read first and delete.

Thanks for info though,I wouldn't waste money now on that DVD!