Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My 2 Birth Stories

at the request of themadmamma :-)

I had few complications when I was pregnant with A. I started bleeding in early weeks, and then I got type2 diabetes later. Went for couple of NST’s(every other day in last 2 weeks) cuz A kept sitting on his cord & skip breathing for few seconds which made my last few weeks very stressful. I was already 1 ½ cm dilated since 38th week.. My doc was going to china a week before my due date so she asked me to have c-section before she leaves but I said no. She suggested not waiting since I wasn’t progressing any further but I decided to wait for few more days hoping to go into labour naturally.

She left & suggested another doc. We went to meet him on the 7th. . He was such great guy & not in favor of unnecessary c-section. I was due on April11th.That day came and went by without any sign of labour.. On Saturday, the 12th, I went for NST and A sat on the cord again. They contacted the doc again & now he didn’t want to wait any more (for insurance reason). So I got admitted in the hospital where they induce me and next morning I broke my water but I wasn't progressing till afternoon. Around 2 in the afternoon I felt 2 contractions and asked for epidural. By the time my third contraction was over I had epidural;-) The Epidural guy was Punjabi so the whole time he was there we were talking about stuff back home & food;-) I didn’t even feel a thing.. great experience..

½ hr. later while we were just looking at the monitor & saw A’s heartbeat went almost flat. I told hubby to go get the nurse but before my hubby could leave, my favorite nurse came running & stimulate from “there”, which made A move, otherwise they had to do c-section within those few minutes.. I got so scared.. Once the heartbeat was ok they paged the doc & he told them to prepare for c-section. Doc came around 3:40 & explained everything. We were in OT around 4:30 And A was born at 5:01 pm. Everything went great.. I woke up in labour room and was feeling very very cold so asked for few blankets & a cup of tea. Don’t know when hubby went & got the tea cuz when I woke up he was telling me to drink. I told him to call India.. Took 2 sips & was out againl:-)

Then I woke up in the postpartum room. Asked for A.. They brought him in the room. I wanted to keep him with me but they wouldn’t let me since I wasn’t totally conscious. I told them that hubby will be there at night and since it was private room no one can come inside anyway so they left him with me.. I fell in love with him the minute I saw him:-)

The next day I started walking even though nurses didn’t let me till afternoon but I was fine by evening. They were asking me if I was going to have baby or I already had;-) 3 nurses came to see me in the room cuz they were surprised to see someone back to normal before 24hr. of c-section (without any pain killer since morning) . I was happy:-)

During Gudiya, It was so tiring cuz from beginning she was kindda on the side. I could not lie down on any side even when I was few weeks pregnant. I used to feel very heavy every time I tried to sleep on side but my doc never believed me. I didn’t have any complication during pregnancy but I was so restless the whole time.. I had a choice of c-section or VBAC but based on my last pregnancy I had great chances of ending up with c-section any way so went ahead with c-section decision and I didn’t want to go for VBAC & rip the previous c-section scar open.

We decided to have c-secion on Dec 21st 7:30am but I already started having contraction around 5 in the morning so delayed going to hospital. Callled the doc saying that I was in lots of pain so will be there ASAP. We reached the hospital around 10:30. Since our c-section time was over & doc wasn’t there, we had to wait long time in the registration area.. Once they got our doc on the phone we were finally on our way to delivery room. I had called couple of friends there to take care of A so that hubby can stay with me during c-section. By the time we were leaving they got there too..

Nurses were really bitchy this time.. My sweet nurse from A’s time works in the night shift so I was bit disappointed. A was not ready to stay with my friends and was running around everywhere in the hallway so hubby had to run after him. I was expecting my doc to be bitchy but surprisingly she was fine.. I was contracting verrrryyy slowly so they wanted to have the c-section done soon but OT wasn’t available. So we waited for sometime & got it.

A wasn’t ready to stay with my friends so my friend came with me in the OT. She was born around 11:45(I think). I wanted to get my tubes tight this time so it took longer. I woke up in delivery room with every one around me. I couldn’t wait to see her.. During A’s time I saw him before they gave my full med but this time they have to do more work so I was sleeping before the surgery started. I asked my hubby about her and before he could answer I was out;-) Then woke up sometime later & talk to my friends.. I was falling asleep before finishing sentence and every time I woke up and start asking something everyone start to smile..

Finally woke up in recovery room. Asked for Gudiya. Felt so happy & satisfied after that. Friends called & relatives from India were calling seconds times cuz they didn’t get to talk to me the first time they called. Soon friends left.. Nurses took the baby & hubby left with A. I knew I was gonna be Ok so I wanted A to have a restful night.

I wanted to see her again but nurse wouldn’t let me.. Actually I had bigger surgery this time and I wasn’t fully awake.. I was in so much pain even with the med and that was making me so sleepy. They didn’t want to leave the baby with me but I wanted to see her so badly that they had to bring her in;-) I told her if I start to feel sleepy I would call her to take the baby. I really struggled to sit up and see her cuz my incision this time was from one leg to other and I could hardly move without putting any pressure on it. I called the nurse to put her in my arms. I spend sometime looking at her before feeling sleepy. I loved her but I didn’t feel connected like A’s time. Maybe because I was in lots of pain or feeling really really bad leaving A the first time. I wasn’t worried about the surgery but leaving A alone with hubby was major tension for last few weeks;-) I called the nurse to take her and as soon they took her I fell asleep.

I woke up few times in so much pain. Called the nurse to give my more pain med but I was already getting morphine. She told me press the button more if I wanted more med. (it was a drip and I had to press the button after counting 6 and now I was doing it after every 3 sec.) Fell asleep again & woke up feeling a little better. Called the nurse to bring my baby. It was around midnight so kept her with me on my bed till morning.. They took her before their shift change.

Was feeling ok in the morning. Had breakfast, change cloths & asked for Gudiya again:-) She was with me on my bed the whole time even though nurses said I was spoiling her and will be a problem after I get home but who cares.. We are born to spoil our kids;-) Second day they took her and refuse to give her to me cuz they thought I needed rest but I went to nursery & cried after seeing her crying there..(Postpartum Blues;-) They just let them cry there. So told them I don’t care and I want her in my room. She told me to send my nurse cuz I wasn’t allowed to push the cart. Finally got her in my room after 10 minutes. Afterwards I didn’t let them take her at all. I changed her & feed her in my room. Only time they were allowed to touch her was when I wanted to put her with me on my bed… That time I needed someone to hold her to me, as it was very hard for me to sit or lay down on the bed. I was walking in my room the whole time so that I won’t have any problem after coming home.

Hubby & A were visiting every day but A wanted to run around so hubby was just running after him the whole time so I told him to stay home & not come to visit. We were finally home after 3 days..

Madmomma, I wrote whatever I could remember.. A was born in 2003 & Gudiya was born in 2004 so I feel confused sometimes thinking if something happened during A’s time or Gudiya’s;-) But its almost how it went:-)

Wishing you smooth remaining weeks of pregnancy and quick & easy labour:-)

Updated to add
The reason madmamma started this because some people think having c-section is easy way out. I don’t think so. If you think about it, the vaginal one is less hard(not using "easier" word cuz giving birth is NOT easy by any choice) unless its totally natural birth cuz you get epidural, don’t feel anything waist down & just push on instruction.. Once the baby is born you are done & feel sore for couple of day only but with c-section you can’t even sit properly without feeling the pain on incision for weeks or even months cuz every time u try to do something, u feel ur whole body’s weight & pressure there. Even 2 years later I still feel sharp pain in the beginning of the incision. According to my doc its thread’s knot:-(

So madmamma, don’t listen to those who are not mature enough to think why people make certain choices.. They just don’t care to know the exact circumstances some people face..


Asha said...

Wonderful to see the pics of your babies.They both look almost the same!:)) Nice to read your story.

Mine was esay peasy,no stories to tell.Gave birth and was shopping 24 hrs later! I would have gone earlier but they wouldn't let me out of the hospital before that!Yeah, I have got big 'birth easy' hips!:D:D

Wolfsong said...

That's what I was going to say...your kids look adorable and alike! I don't have kids yet and I hear a lot of birth stories and it's scary!! If I read correctly, it's Gudiya's birthday tomorrow? I hope she has a great day! :)

B o o said...

Firstly, my wishes to Gudiya on her Birthday.
It was great to read both your birthing stories. You did this without any help? Let me touch your feet! I whined when my mom could stay only for 3 months with me in Swiss after my delivery! I owe you for this big lesson!

@ said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Gudiya!

lovely, lovely baby pictures and two brave birth stories so close together! hats off to you!

ps: off-topic, are you making ladoos for Gudiya? replied to your comment.

Orchid said...

I am seeing a lot of these birth stories lately inspires me to do my own. They mean so much to us I guess..well ask your men and I am sure they can barely remember anything! No, didn't mean to have you fighting with hubby :). When they grow up you can come back and read this...nostalgic!

I am smiling at the " birth easy hips" bit :)

Keshi said...

OMG ur kids r sooooooooo ADORABLE! Wonderful n exciting stories...ty and u have a beautiful holiday season Mommy!

Kisses to ur cute cute kiddies!

the mad momma said...

thanks mommy of 2 and here's wishing gudiya a great birthday!!! I can imagine the details being fuzzy!!! years gone by the actual process clouded by pain and medication...

you will fnd the link up on my csec story post...

TS said...

Lovely baby pics! And I totally disagree with those who think that having a c-section is the 'easy' way out, nothing easy about it..take it from someone who's had 2 c-sections and who is also a nurse...ME.
Wonder where ppl get such ideas?

Hope the kiddies are well, always nice to see your comment on my blog. Happy Holidays!


Has to be me said...

hmmm quite an experience. Guess i shd also blog abt it sometime! Thanks fr that.
lovely pics of both the kids. :)

Rohini said...

Very different from my experience. I was awake through my c-section (only spinal block was used and not general anasthesia) and here they are obsessive about the baby sleeping in your room to kickstart breastfeeding and bonding.

artnavy said...

really cute even at birth. I cannot imagine doing it the second time though- at least not as yet- let us see- guess u read my version as well.

mommyof2 said...

Asha: Thank God for "birth easy" hips..;-)

Wolfsong: Thanks for ur wishes:-)

Don't listen to any scary stories.. The technology is so advance these days that giving birth is way too easy;-) You will know;-)And btw I din't feel a thing during my first:-)

Boo: If I had mother I would've felt the same.. Giving birth is the cutest God given reason to feel motherly love the same way as childhood:-)

@: Thanks:-)

Orchid: Can't wait to read urs:-) And you are right about men;-)

keshi: Thanks:-) & happy holidays to u too:-)

Madmama: Thanks for asking to write otherwise I would never had:-) Now after writing, I think its a great idea & every mother should do it:-)

Trupti: yeah, people with their silly ideas..

and Thanks:-)

HTBM:Thanks:-)I will look forward to read urs:-)

rohini: I was awake during my first too but the second time because of tublization surgery they had to give me heavy dose cuz they were maing incision from one leg to the other. They took out the whole uterus,which is almost football size so needed heavy medication;-)

artnavy: Thanks:-) I had great experience during my first so that made me wanted to get over the chids having stage;-)but believe me, when you will have ur second, you will feel that you were getting scared for nothing & wished you had done it sooner;-)

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