Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bahu or Jamai

This morning

Hubby- You know you should be ready for a Bahu or Jamai.

Me- Of course, we will have a Bahu & a Jamai.

Hubby- Yeah, but I am taking about A.

Me- What?

Hubby- Y’day I asked him if anyone kissed him in the school and you know what he said

Me- What?

Hubby(smiling)- Dilen

I asked him again and he said the same

Me- LOL!! Seriously??

Hubby- Yeah

Me- Oh he doesn’t know.. Dilen is his friend and A likes to make up stories these days.. If someone visit a school or college in India they will think everybody is gay & lesbians because of the way they act.. No big deal.. Its just the way you look at it..

Me (thinking)- (I have to talk to A about this too.. )


@ said...

So, 'don't kiss that girl', turned him toward guys...LOL!! He keeps you on your toes, doesn't he? :)

Keshi said...



Asha said...

UH OH!!!!!:D

It's just a phase Mom!! Don't worry:)))))))

Ganesh Ranganathan said... are so unpredictable

Kalpana said...

Better have a kiddy talk...

Kalpana said...
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Orchid said...

Like we have less things to worry about with our kids!!

artnavy said...

hahah- we really need to expect the unexpected

been a while since i visited - lot of catching up to be done