Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Letter to Santa

Can you read it? He told me what he wanted to write & I spelt for him:-)

Dear Santa

I am a good boy. I want lots of(a smiling face in O before "of" cuz he was happy:-)Toys and candy and coconut:-) And for my sister too.


B o o said...

Awww! So cute!
"and for my sister too" was an afterthought huh?! :)

artnavy said...

so cute - make sure u get him lots of toys

Asha said...

He wants lotz of toys for him and his sister! How nice !! Although I think just one toy for each is more than enough!:))
Btw mom,save that letter somewhere special.

@ said...

Does it say 'coconut' somewhere in there? Hope he didn't mean 'coconut for my sister' :)

Very sweet! Santa will be impressed for sure!

Mahesh Subramanian said...

Wow.. very sweet of him.. i am sure santa is already on his way to the toy store after reading that letter.. :)

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

hey, your kid's handwriting is better than mine...

mommyof2 said...

boo: He always does that, even when he is eating something:-)

The other day I took him in a store while Gudiya was sleeping in the car with hubby.. I told him to get something & he picked the one he liked and few seconds later I saw him hiding something behind him.. I asked him & he showed me two of those saying "Mamma, one for Gudiya:-)"

Artnavy: Santa will;-)

Asha: You bet I will save it:-) And they don't play with toys more than an hr. so instead of getting one big I am getting 2-3 small ones:-)That too only because he knows the concept of santa bringing toys;-)

@: yes, coconut is on the list:-)ACtually he saw backyardigans in the morning & they had coconut in that so he wanted coconut from santa too:-)

mahesh: Just last minute shopping for coconut is left:-)

ganesh: O GOd!! And you just had exams!! I will pray for you.. lol!! Yesterday he was saying he wants to become a doctor so that explains the bad handwriting;-)lol!!

Minal said...


:)) can't help smiling, still.

Keshi said...

AWWW so darn cute!

LOL @coconut!


Has to be me said...

how chuveet of him! :)

Twisted DNA said...


Reads almost like mine when I was young. Except mine used to read "and a sister too" :)

Orchid said...

:) i taped A silently talking to his santa....he can't write yet. Sweet, you can show it to him when he gets older.

ashu said...

hi ur blog is very cute!was just looking for good days for mundan n ur blog came up.for continuous 2 hrs i was reading it.keep on writing(if u hv time frm ur kids)

mommyof2 said...

Minal: These are new things for me too and I also find them so cute:-)

keshi: Thanks:-)

HTBM: Thanks:-)

TD: So did you get ur wish then;-) or Santa didn’t take the hint;-)

Orchid: That’s so cute.. Actually I am planning on taking them to visit Santa this weekend too:-) Btw we haven’t seen ur son’s pic yet;-)

Ashu: Thanks:-) Its very cold for Mundan now.. I will suggest to wait for summer..:-) How old is ur baby?