Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Because Santa is Good

Mommy, do we have grapes (A’s favorite)

No but we have Apples & Bananas.. Do you want to eat?

No, I want to give it to Santa.


Because Santa is Good. He gives presents to everybody and I want to give him present too..

Oh Ok but he might not want to eat fruits so you want to give him something else?

Yeah, Chocolate..

Well we got chocolate box for Santa, wrap it nicely & went to see Santa. Two days we stood in the lines but couldn’t wait for our turn because of those long lines. Finally the third day we found a Santa & NO LINES so wanted to give him the gift & make A happy cuz since 2 day all he was talking about was giving gift to Santa. Hubby wanted to look for real looking Santa cuz this Santa had very sad eyes but at that point I just wanted to make A happy & go home. He gave Santa his gift & Santa was so happy to receive first gift ever;-)

A was happy that he gave the present to Snata.. Snata was happy to receive very first gift from anybody and We were happy seeing our parenting efforts going in right direction..

I am so proud of A. I hope he stays this way and spread the real holiday spirit to everybody around him, which is not only take but to give too. This time it came from his heart & I hope on every holiday he will make a difference:-)


Orchid said...

Good kid! and I hate those lines at the malls too

@ said...

how thoughtful of A! very touching :) hope the gift cheered up sad-eyed Santa..!

artnavy said...

that is so mature and generous of A- God bless him with a great 2007

mommyof2 said...

Thanks for ur comments girls:-)

Tharini said...

What a sweet child G! He's really something else! Bet he's the only one who thought to make Santa happy!

Aparna said...

What a great kid! You have reason to be very proud of him. Tight hugs and lots of kisses to him for wanting to make somebody happy.