Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting big

We always tell A that if eats his food he will get big & strong otherwise Gudiya will finish his food & get bigger than him and this trick works almost always works..:-) Yesterday when I picked him up, I said ahhh.. He got so happy and asked me

I am getting big, mamma?

Yes, you are:-)

(He got very excited and showed me his arm)
My arms are getting big, mamma.


My legs are getting big mamma.

My eyes are getting big.

My nose is getting big.

My ears are getting big.

My eyebrows are getting big.

My fingers are getting big.

My head is getting big.

My tummy is getting big.

And my Pee-Pee is getting big too..:-)


Asha said...

Last one!!!


@ said...


Alan said...

Everything grows.

Orchid said...

Did you tell him that their brain shrinks as they grow older :D