Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Gudiya is still not feeling too well.. She had fever till last week & very bad cough. Even though her ped told me to wait for couple of day, I got her blood test done last Monday cuz I didn’t want to give her any unnecessary medicine when I know she won’t be feeling better with that. They had to prick her both arms to get the blood cuz it wasn’t enough from one side. Getting urine from her was a totally different story cuz she didn’t want to pee in a cup & every time I put those urine collecting thingy in diaper, she pooped on them.

Blood test came out normal but she still was coughing a lot so took her again on Friday. Doc gave the med and now if she is not all better till Friday we have to get the chest x-ray done. I think this med is asthma related & even if she is better, we have to get the nubulizer procedure done. I knew things would be bad after A will start daycare but never imagined they will be this bad.

She has become so clingy, cranky & jealous these days so didn’t get the chance to visit all the blogs. Hopefully she will be better by this weekend & things will be back to normal.

P.S Boo, I know its been a while since I said that I will do the baby tag but will definitely do it by Thursday.
And Madmomma, I will write those birth stories (whatever I remember) soon too. (hopefully by friday :-)


ashu said...

ohh feeling bad for gudiya feels horibble when our children are ill my 1 yr too is having mild cold but when he coughs with his little mouth i feel so bad.but dont worry everything's gonna be alright

Asha said...

Hope it doesn't turn out to be Asthma!! Poor Gudiya. TLC is all we can do.We feel so hopeless when kids are suffering and we cannot help them,don't we?
My son used to be sniffly all through the Elementary school and now that he has started the middle school,it seems cold virus just doesn't affect him anymore.Weird but true.

Take care of her,don't worry about tags and comments.You need a break too you know:))

@ said...

awwww. poor li'l Gudiya! hope she feels better soon...hugs to her..

Asha said...

OMG!! They ARE twins!:D:D
His exact words were "it's a waste of money!No re-sale value.Instead go buy a Nissan Xterra!" We are talking about the diff. betn $200 and $25+ thou!!
How is that for a logic? Isn't that crazy? I don't understand it at all! VERY VERY weird thought process.Finally,I went to the mall with my daughter and bought one for myself!:D I am fine with vehicle I have now...sigh...GOD help wives like you and me!!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

SO sad....hope gudiya gets well really soon....