Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our First Xmas Celebration

This year A is aware of all holidays celebrations so we are trying to do everything the proper way. I wanted to celebrate Xmas since A was few months old but didn’t. And now since A is equally excited I look forward to festivals & other holiday celebrations.

I got fake tree the year A was born so spend 2 hr. to find it;-) It’s a small one that comes with everything so I put it few days’ back. A & Gudiya helped me, A by putting the ornaments on the tree & Gudiya by putting them in her mouth. With their help I was done in 20 minutes;-)

I wanted to get 1-2 toys for each but A start counting how many things he wanted from Santa. It started with nothing, then 2 candies & lollipops, then lots of candy & lollipops then lots of toys, candies & lollipops then he added coconut in the list too;-) With his growing list I started collecting things a month back.

During A’s time we got every toy for him that we liked but during Gudiya I swear not to buy anything expensive cuz we already out of the room to put them & we have most of good toys anyway. She never showed interest in toys so never felt guilty about not buying her stuff like A.

So this time too I decided to get more but less expensive toys than just one expensive one. Went to couple of stores and got few good things on clearance. Then bought few games & puzzles. I made sure to get something that they will be using it often. It worked out great. They were happy opening up all the gifts & we were happy to get stuff we were gonna buy for them anyway;-) Everything cost less than what we would’ve spent on 2 toys for them;-)

I got hubby a jacket & tried to hide it but he guessed it that it was something for him ;-) He waited till y’day morning to see it though:-) He wanted to get something for me (I think because I got for him and he thought of too, but he said he was gonna buy for me anyway;-) On Xmas eve he went out and got a jacket for me too;-) I already have lots of perfume & jewelry set so he couldn’t think of anything else;-) He said he was gonna get something sexy but lots of girls were in THAT section so he didn’t go there..LOL!!
We wrapped the gifts till 1:30 in the morning cuz I didn’t want kids to see it and A slept around 11:30. It was so much fun.. I wrapped few things then I cut the paper & he wrapped them.. We watched KANK while getting the gifts ready.. I love to spend time like that:-) Oh & when I fell asleep he went downstairs to get my present & put it near the tree ;-)


@ said...

sounds like a picture perfect christmas! is the tent one of the gifts? looks so cozy..is there room in there for one more? :)

@ said...

oh, i forgot to ask - did he get the coconut? what did he do with it?!!!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

A very merry christmas and a happy new year to you...

artnavy said...

2 posts over one day?

the pics are delightful just like the kiddos

so santa kept his word:-)

mommyof2 said...

@: Yeah tent is from Santa too;-)& the shirt he is wearing in last 2 pics.. Santa gave him jacket too but to wear next year;-)

There is room for 7-8 peoplw in the tent so u guys r most welcome to join. If you are interested, I got it from Ikea. The price was just too good.. $4;-)

And Santa got coconut chocolate "Almondloy" for him.. Look for little blue thingies near gudiya's leg in 4th & 5th pic:-)

ganesh: Thanks and same to you:-)

artnavy: Thanks:-) wanted to post xmas post before next holiday;-)

Tharini said...

The tent was the groovuest present and for that fabulous price. I bet the kiddos will be spending most of thier time in there. I'm gonna do this once this next little one grows up enuff to play with his brother!

Anonymous said...

Hey G,

Very nice pics and lovely post. BTW, i too got that Dora wali game - Chutes and Ladders for R-P :-) But they don't yet have the patience to fnish it.

Love to the kids

mommyof2 said...

Seema: Thanks:-)A doesn't know how to play either and we already lost diego;-)The other day I told hubby to play but A started moving everything around and hubby got distracted by tv. Needless to say I kept playing & won..lol..

mommyof2 said...

Tara: I loved it too;-)Yeah, they are spending time there and the proof is my 2 post in a day & replies to comments..LOL!!

Take it easy for few more weeks cuz next year you will be very busy.. It hardly a month left now:-)

Orchid said...

Vow! I know you already read my christmas story but I think we are having more fun than the kids themselves, right?? I started doing everythign for my A and guess what? ended up getting a gift form hubby too.... and oh! i bought A that ikea tent a couple of yrs back....it's fun when it is assembled but a pain to reassemble, so if u have enough space just leave it that way. As usual, adorable pictures!

Deepa said...

Someday when we bump into each other, I am sure I'll recognize you if you hav both your kids by your side. ;-) BTW, where exactly do you live?

noon said...

Visiting after a while...Was good to see the happy kids pics! I think for the sake of children it is nice to celebrate all the local festivals also. In India we had a continous celebration of festivals throughout the year. Here kids don't get that...last year when my son was only 4 months old I put up a little X-mas tree with lights and had remote controlled carol toys playing music - my MIL was alive and was with us then - they enjoyed it so much - we used to tease them about it. Didn't up a tree this year because my son is into pulling on wires and putting it around his neck and what not.
Have a very happy new year!