Monday, October 30, 2006

Miss You??

Gudiya gave me the calcium sandoz bottle to open..

Gudiya: CA-MAN, CA-MAN(Calcium)

Me: you want calcium?

Gudiya: ah-huh ca-man

I gave her one. She held it in her hands for few minutes..

Me: Ok, you can eat now.. come on..

Gudiya: A, Ca-man (give the calcium to A too:-)

Me: He is not here.. He went to school..

Gudiya: AAAAA.. CA-MAN LELE :-)

*sigh :-)

In the afternoon..

Me: You want to eat rice?

Gudiya: Riiiccceeee, RRRiiicccceeeee.

Me: Open your mouth..

Gudiya: A, rice..

Me: He is not here..

She went inside.. looked in every room saying AAAAAA,rice… AAAAA,rice..

Even though its heartbreaking to see her miss him so much still it made me smile to see how much she care for him.. Or she is missing torturing him;-)


Twisted DNA said...

It must be so cute hearing her say "riiiiiiceeee". Looks like she is in the phage where she repeats everything in a cute, drawn out way :)

By the way, I used to eat calcium sandoz when I was a kid. Nice to see the bottle in the picture... kind of nostalgic

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

so sweet...missing her brother....

Is there less rivalry between brothers and sisters than two brothers or two sisters?

Nee said...

Oh, poor baby! I just read the previous "Mine" post too - maybe it's her way of punishing him for leaving her during the week? Maybe she's insecure that he'll take whatever he touches with him...?
Poor baby, she's too young to express what she's feeling yet!


Then again - a lot of adults have the same problem! ;-)

Has to be me said...

Awww so cute it must be to hear her speak all that!

@ said...

Knowing what I know of Gudiya from your posts, I am willing to bet on option 2 - she misses torturing him - of course, when I mean torture, I mean in the affectionate, loving manner that only sisters can!

itchingtowrite said...

so touching to see the siblings so attached to each other

Foodie's Hope said...

Awww... hope she grows up real fast and goes to school to make lot of freinds!:))

Feeling okay, Mommy! Have a great fun tonight with kids Trick or Treating!!:))

starry nights said...

That is so cute. she misses A. have a happy Halloween.

TS said...

Gosh, I haven't seen that container of that dog in ages...17 years atleast!!! Did you get that from India?
Cute! Even cuter are your anecdotes of your kids!


Ramya said...

Awww... baby boo talks are always sucha delight to listen.
Ever tried recording whatever the toddler utters?
And it so too happens that they repeat everything that we utter! Careful there ! :D