Wednesday, October 04, 2006


tagged by K’s mom

I was suppose to write 9 but I wrote 11, so pick any 9 to read;-) I never though Im that weird but now all I can think of is rest of the things that I didn’t list here..:-)

Talkative: I am very talkative. People feel connected with me even at the first time we meet. Hubby thinks I give away lots of info & secrets though;-)

Selective: I believe in “…. At first sight” in day-to-day things too, like when I go to a store I buy things, which appeal the first time I see. And the first impression I get of people... Sometimes I don’t like anyone in the gathering and I rather stay alone & not talk. I can tell by looking (face reading, I think:-) who is my kind & whom I rather not socialize. I strongly dislike fake people.

Can’t hide feelings: I can’t pretend. You will see the image of my feelings on my face. I am famous rather notorious in my family for telling everyone the straight truth. I am the youngest one so no one minds in my family:-P

Sensitive: well, way too sensitive. Things haunts me even years later. I cry on sad as well as happy thing on tv. And If someone hurts my feelings I try to completely stay away from them for a loooooooong time if not forever cuz I think of those hurtful things for a verrrrrry long time.. very bad, I know.

Jai-Jai: I do jai-jai before leaving the house but if I forget anytime I feel really really down till I come back home.

Making others feel better: I can make other sick people (cold, cough & little things) feel better with my home remedies but these remedies don’t work for me.

Certain ways & order to do things: I have certain way & order to do things and I want things to be done that way and ONLY THAT WAY. That’s why I like to work alone and don’t ask for any help even thought its too much work:-)

Question about mothering: Well, my grandma brought me up and there was this generation gap and now I have nothing to compare notes. Most of the time I question my parenting skills & wonder if I am doing it right. Lots of time I declare myself a bad mother. See, talking to friends about some situation & really think of how your mother dealt with you is totally different (I think). I still can’t tell if I am an ok mother or I should work on it..

Yelling: I can do the yelling at my kids but not any one else, not even hubby.. I yell at them, spank them and love & kiss them the next second but don’t want my hubby to say anything to them at all. We get into fights if he says something to them. (I know, I know what you all want to say but no one except me can yell at my babies:-)

Cleaning ness: I have a thing for cleaning ness. My kids are well trained too;-) My daughter start saying “saaf/clean” and asking for napkin to clean her mouth when she was a little over 1. I think “saaf(clean)” & “moo(mouth/clean my mouth)” are few of her very first words.

Fat?: I got very fat since marriage but I don’t see it. I know the situation with cloths but my eyes refuse to see me fat in the pictures. Talk about accepting yourself.. LOL

I tag twisted Dna , rads, rohini, Aps, Minal, The Inquisitive Akka & kalpana and I hope they would want to take up the tag:-)


Sush said...

good to know that not-so-typical habits of yours... they dont seem unsual to me... there are weirder people around.. like me ;-). Good to see you back in good spirits.

Kalpana said...

Will try to take it up.:)) ;)

Twisted DNA said...

LOL@your order of doing things. You sound like a perfectionist!

I will do the tag

Keshi said...

ur alot like me :):)


itchingtowrite said...

tagged- pls check my post heights & do something similar

@ said...

Ha! Saaf as one of her first words :) You really have trained them!
Another honest post...thanks for taking up the tag.

rads said...

lol@saaf. haha, you sound like my husband :))

tag eh? Looks like the same one that Archana's tagged me with! So now I have to dig up 9+9 things about me? Okay! :D

Has to be me said...

Hey enjoyed reading ur tag.

Do not ? urself abt being a mother. All moms r loving & caring when it comes to their kids. There can be nothing bad in parenting esp as u r such a sweet mom.

artnavy said...

i identify with the "jai jai" one a lot- u r not so wierd- u shld see my take on the tag

Minal said...


I would do the tag.

Hip Grandma said...

nice responses.I am like you in many things.

Wolfsong said...

Hey!! That was the sweetest comment you left on my last post!! Thanks so brought a tear to my eye (I'm such a mush head).

Shadow in the Moonlight said...

I have a thing for cleanliness and order too... my sister calls me MONK. Well, what can I say... its innate.

The Kid said...

what is jai-jai?? really curious to know.

mommyof2 said...

Thanks TD, Kalpana , rads & Minal for taking up the tag:-) Can’t wait to read about u guys.. Kalpana, it was nice reading urs:-)

sush: You are not weird, you are sweet:-)

Keshi: Thanks:-)

@: good habits has to start early;-)

has to be me: Thanks for ur sweet comment:-)

artnavy: no, you are not weird. I did read ur post but last week I somehow missed commenting lots of posts. I guess I was really really down because of the accident. I do jai-jai a lot. Nothing big deal, just close my eyes, hand together & think of God.. Because of this my both kids do jai-jai with me or even before I start:-) It really feels good to see them in action:-)

hip grandma: thanks :-)

wolfsong: I meant it:-)

shadow in the moonlight: :-) people are jealous of us kind.. lol j/k. I don’t know if we do more or other pay less attention to cleaning ness:-)

the kid: By Jai-Jai I mean thinking of God. I usually close my eyes & think of God before I eat or drink and when I am going out. Just of couple of seconds… that’s all:-)