Tuesday, October 17, 2006


by hastobeme ...

3 Smells I love:
1. White Diamond Perfume
2. Smell of rain in India
3. Smell of petrol

3 Smells I hate:
1. Seafood
2. Sweet perfumes
3. Skunk smell

3 Jobs that I have had in my life:
1. Bank
2. Helped hubby in his business.
3. Mommy Maid (Lifetime contract:-)

3 Movies that I could watch over and over:
1. City of Angels
And every year those Haloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas movies. I really look forward to these every year especially the witchy & magic movies:-)

3 Fond memories:
1. My acceptance letter from college here
2. When hubby used to come with a rose & card to see me.
3. Of course the birth of both kids.

3 Jobs I would love to have:
Start something my own or
Anything that pays well with flexible hrs.:-)

3 Things I like to do:
1. Read Bogs (new habit since I found blog world:-)
2. Walk around the whole store even if I have to get just one thing
3. Watch Indian Mythological dramas

3 Of my favorite foods:
1. Samosa
2. Rice & Kadi
3. Goat Kadai

3 Places I would like to be right now:
1. India
2. Disney Land with kids
3. Any Hill Station

3 Things that make me cry:
1. Seeing kids in trouble even on tv especially when they show kids in charity ads.
2. Emotions (Too happy or sad)
3. When people say hurtful things even when they don’t mean it.


itchingtowrite said...

nicely done tag! mytho dramas & samosa... together they r even more fun!!

Tanushree said...

nice tag...
seems you are very emotional person...

artnavy said...

what is goat kadai?

mommyof2 said...

I2W: Thanks:-) That’s what I did on Sunday.. watched Vishnupuran while eating garma garam samose:-)

Tanushree: yes but I try to act all tough from outside though;-)

artnavy: its called Kadai gosht too. Non veg dish with goat or lamb.

Twisted DNA said...

What a coincidence!

"1. White Diamond Perfume
2. Smell of rain in India
3. Smell of petrol"
I love those things too! I mean I don't love the White Diamonds enough to wear it but somebody wears I hang around them :)

mommyof2 said...

TN: I bet you hang around the ones wearing sari & white diamond.. LOL j/k Have you smell Knowing perfume? Very nice..

rads said...

omg, there are so many coincidences! Cool :)

Has to be me said...

Neat tag! Well done. I also get a bit emotional seeing kids on TV! ;p
I also share walking around the whole store! :)

Foodie's Hope said...

That's a tag well done!!Lots of memories!!:))

Kalpana said...

wonderful tag!!!

Calabar Gal said...

I'm on the net all day long too since I discovered blogworld. Each time I'm out of the house, first thing I do when we get back is rush to the PC to findout who has updated their blog or left comments on any blog since the last time I was there. More than Addictive. Is there any Bloggers Anonymous out there? We need HELP!!! lol