Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Tagged by itchingtowrite .. Even though this tag needs lots of thinking & writing, this is the coolest tag:-) Good Job on starting it I2w..

Height of Bhakti- Every time Gudiya sees some lady with Sari & big bindi, she puts her hands together, close her eyes and say “Jai-Jai”.(I guess cheap makeup in the serials we used to watch:-)

Every time A eats something he really really loves, he asks me “Jai-Jai ne mere liye bheja hai?” (did the jai-jai send it for me?)

Height of Embarrassment- Every time Gudiya sees a sardar, she starts screaming “Dar Dar”.

When A was a baby we went to a restaurant and there he saw a sardar. He got so happy & started clapping saying “Dar dance, Dar dance”. He thought every sardar was Delar Mehndi till recent:-)

Height of Love- After eating a bite of every thing A tells me to give it to Gudiya.

Every time she eats something, she gives it to her baby (little baby toy) first otherwise she refuse to eat (well not always).

Her waking up in the middle of the night, finding my hand with eyes close & kiss me at least 10 times and fell sleep the very second.

Height of Copying- When we are going out without Gudiya & she is crying, A tells her “Nahi Nahi, rona nahi.. Mein ek minute mein aa raha hoon”. And he gives instruction to my hubby like I do:-)

She tries to pat & rub her back herself while coughing.

Height of Creativity- Gudiya put a block on pencil or crayon and say “mmmmm chokate I ceam” (yumm, chocolate ice cream).

Height of smartness- when her favorite song or dvd ends she asks us to “wynd”(rewind) it and if the same thing doesn’t start with a minute she start saying “WYND, WYYYNNDD, WWWYYYNNDD” until its on again.

Height of Imagination- A has told me quite a few times “ Mamma, my school bell is ringing. I have to go to school” and today I happen to ask the teacher if they had some bell there but nope, they don’t.

Height of Pickiness- Gudiya refuse to eat veg stuff. I kept all Navaratri vrat & She was pretty much fasting with me most of the days. She only had milk & cookies most of the days and the day after Navratri she had full meal with chicken tikka Masala. Same thing y’day on Karva & Now hopefully she will eat meal with chicken..

While eating cereal she says the color & point to the cheerios she wants and if I give her any other she don’t open her mouth. If there is all same color cereal I really have to see which one is she pointing at.

Height of Manners- Both wants a napkin near them while eating so that they can wipe their mouth even if there is a tiny mess.

The other day she bumped into a lady in the store and she said “sorry” to that lady:-)

She says “Welcome” every time instead of Thank you.

Height of obedience- I told hubby to give her cookie, he got the cake instead. He gave her a spoon full saying “cake” but she said “mama” & waited for me to say yes.(It happened only once though:-)

Height of Seva- I told her “Gudiya, mere sar mein dard ho raha hai”.. She came to me & started doing “thup-thup”on my head… I had to cover my ears & face cuz the first time she did, I really saw stars;-)

Height of Dieting- She doesn’t eat much when A is at school. She waits for him to come home and then she is all hungry.

Height of anger- She wants to watch Boz all day long lately. Really at least 10 times a day. If I try to put another dvd she start rolling on the floor, throwing toys & big big tears in her eyes until she sees Boz again.

Height of Demand- I was driving alone with her when she demanded water. Home was just 7-8 minutes away. I told her “Ok I will give you water in a minute”. I heard “Papa, pani laoo.. Pappa, coke lao..”. She kept saying till we reached home.


Twisted DNA said...

Awesome! Nice tag. Everybody who's done the tag so far did a great job! I am tagged too, I am too scared to to it now because I will never be able to do as good a job as you guys.

I was smiling all the way through while reading it. Kids are so adorable.

Foodie's Hope said...

Nicely done! Last one was very typical of what these kiddies do!:D

Anonymous said...

hey G,
I had a question for you abt karwa chauth vrat. Yesterday, there wasn't a moon rise at all.......can you imagine. No, its not me, just making.....the weather officials in my state said it !! I saw it on the net...moon rise was scheduled for 8.59pm. The temp was as low as 45, very foggy and cloudy all thro' the evening.....then at abt 9.15 it started to rain (to top it!!). I checked it till moon :-( . I checked on the internet that the moon was seen at 12.15 am.

What was to be done at such situation? Plz let me know what you would have done. I'll write back what I did after reading your reply.....I'm not sure whether it was right or wrong....but I called my mom and she said what I did was fine.

Has to be me said...

Thats a sweet tag! Nice to note abt A & G! Well done mommy! I'm due to do this tag as well! ;p

mommyof2 said...

TD: Thanks. To be honest, I was scared too:-) I was waiting for someone else to do it so that I can get more clues:-) But I2w reminded me 2-3 times to do the tag and I thought I should do it soon:-) I went to all the blogs she tagged but nope, noone posted yet. Even though there is no wrong way to do the tag still you always have doubts:-) Anyways, you will do fine. I started writing and after 2-3 heights (LOL) I was ok & finished it.. Can’t wait to read yours & everbody else’s..

Foodie’s hope: Thanks:-)

Gau??If its cloudy or raining, just look at the moon rise time on net and do diya after 10-15 minutes. Do jai-jai, give water in the moon direction & let hubby give you sweets & water. We suppose to throw diya behind us but I always see moon from my window and put the diya in my mandir & throw away after couple of days.. Whatever you did must be fine, don’t worry.

Btw I have cassette of katha & hubby was saying that your katha is more of Damki to do things in a certain way:-) We have made these riti-riwaj, God is ok if you do it with true bhavna:-)

Anonymous said...

no, its not Gau...:-)

This is what I did...waited till 10.45 but no moon :-(. So I just did Ganesh pooja (remember the ganeshji story in the karwa chauth book) and then did all the rituals like pouring the water etc. Then at 11pm we ate.....

I didn't sleep well all night.....the thought that I didn't see the moon was haunting me. Did I miss the moon, was it there but I didn't see, etc etc. Next morning,I looked up on the local weather site and to my luck moon rise was 12.15 am . So if you go to see, its the change of date too :-))

Actually, hubby told me the same thing as you....I shld have eaten after the scheduled moon rise time. But, I didn't just in hope that I would be able to see.
Your hubby is right....the stories in the book are more like dhamki....:-))

BTW, I've been married for almost 10 yrs now but haven't faced this ever. may be this year was my 'pariksha'...and it was ganesh angarki too. (so in a way we all did double poonya) ;-)

Today, it is snowing here !!!!!!
(its just Oct)

mommyof2 said...

ohhhh I love snow..:-)

Its always windy here on Karvachoth.. actualy in another parts of jersey there was always raining for last 2-3 karvachoth. So I guess that’s what people do then.. Just do puja & eat..:-) Next time if weather is like that don’t wait that long to eat;-)

gauri said...

Oh my God, this is SO cute!! I didn't even realize gudiya has become old enough to do so much badbad! I enjoyed it so much, I read it all over again right after :)

Haha, I love height of bhakti and and manners - sorry when she bumped into someone! Unbeatably cute! Not to mention groping for our hand and kissing it over and over :)

Very nice one...


Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

Nice sweet one! awww..

btw wuts Gudiya? Doll?


Kalpana said...

Lovely post...

shruti said...

very lovely tag...
ur gudiya is so cute...
god bless her..

@ said...

“mmmmm chokate I ceam”
what a doll :)
and nice take on the tag...I am still figuring out what to do on mine!!

Jayashree said...

Loved reading this....I too have a baby blog. Do check it out if you find time.

Foodie's Hope said...

Yo Mom!! Brown rice you asked ,as I said in my blog,you get it from fried,ground onions with pinch of salt and mixed with rice! Confirmed the same today by one other blogger too! Hope I am right!Try and tell me whether it tastes the same!:))

mommyof2 said...

HTBM :Thanks. You did a great job yourself:-)

gau: She has become one naughty naughty girl;-) but I love it;-)

Keshi: yes.. but in North that’s how we usually call every little girl(If we don’t know her name:-) it’s a generic name:-)

Kalpana : Thanks.

Shruti : Thanks.

@: Thanks. Loved reading your version too:-)

Jayshree : Thanks.

FH: Thanks. Will try in a day or 2. Actually this morning I made nutrella, peas pulav for kids (Thanks to a dear friend gau for reminding to use nutrella before the bugs decided to use it :-) Will let you know:-)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...


You seem to be having a great time with your kids!

Jay said...

That's so adorable!
Height of embarassment? hehehehe

itchingtowrite said...

i can see a friend in gudiya! i too eat chicken /non-veg the day after any pooja even if it's a day of abstaining. somehow the restriction makes me long for it even more & i too can eat non-veg everyday ...thanks for taking up teh tag- amazing each parent has a different experience & all of them so cute!! had fun reading it!