Monday, October 30, 2006


That’s the new word Gudiya learned from A since he started school and she knows its meaning too:-) I think it’s the ONLY word she used during the whole weekend..*phew* It was very hectic weekend. A is running a little cough & cold since Thursday and has on & off fever since Friday night. It was very windy and cuz of A I couldn’t take them out which made the weekend even more hectic.

When he woke up on Saturday morning, It was hugs time instead of regular 2 mintes hugs & hurry to get ready for school but she jumped over to A’s side, pulled him out of my lap, sat there her arms around me, saying MINE, MINE.. This was just the start.. Any toy he touched, She screamed MINE & snatched away from him.. I gave them similar things still she snatched his stuff from him every time & hide in the bedroom.. Poor guy was complaining & crying the whole time.. Couple of times she took away things saying Mine then pushed him on the floor:-O Forget about letting him use the computer.. She stood there crying saying Mine, Mine, pulling him from the chair and when that didn’t work she took the mouse & throw it several times and used the keyboard as “tabla” to interrupt him.. *sigh She made it very torturing weekend for him. So the whole weekend I had one screaming kid & I crying kid.. Last night I felt like I had no throat cuz of all the yelling..

How do they learn these annoying things from nowhere and not the good thing that we teach then EVERY SINGLE DAY?


@ said...

geez...a 3 yo getting harassed by someone a little over half his age..really Gudiya is something :)
It is these insignificant fights that will bind them together for life...*speaking from personal experience*!

Twisted DNA said...

Haha. Sounds very sweet. I am sure A won't agree

Foodie's Hope said...

That's modern day kids for you! and then she is a girl!! I say you go girl!!:))

Orchid said...

Next time I am complaining about my one kid..I will think about you and put things into perspective :)

mommyof2 said...

@: you are right:-) No matter how much she bother him she is just crazy about him. Every time she eats or does anything she keeps calling him:-) She even does a happy dance when he comes home:-)

TD: yeah, poor guy keeps complaining & crying(fake) but I can tell, he still want to be bothered by her.. :-)

FH : that’s what I told hubby:-) Here if she will turn into a hunter-wali, it probably will be a good thing;-)

Orchid : No:-) I wanted to have three kids so that they keep fighting over silly stuff & ghar mein ronak lagi rahe:-) Life is soooo different & fulfilling since she started talking & bothering:-) such satisfaction..:-) this is the reason I wanted to have very little difference between both kids:-) so keep complaining & have another kid soon:-)