Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween

Mommy, these machines aren’t giving us any treat… Don’t they believe in Halloween OR trick or treat????

Wow!! yyyyuuuummmmyyyyy Cccaaannndddyyyyy!!!!!!!

My Spiderman..:-)

What??? A toothbrush?? What do I do with this,lady? I need candy...

Ok,Lets start eating candy now:-)

The treat I got for myself :-D


Tharini said...

They both look so cute Mo2. And your treat looks gorgeous. Are those for real?

@ said...

Perfect outfits! Spiderman and catwoman :) lol!

Now, tell us more about your treats - they look like keepers...wait, you picked up only *one* of the pairs...right?? ;)

Twisted DNA said...

She actually let you draw on your face!!?

Jayashree said...

Both your kids look very cute.

artnavy said...

how sweet-they look cool

are those ear rings the treat u got?

Has to be me said...

How chuveet! My son was spiderman too (not only for the halloween but even otherwise as thats it his favourite!!!!) :)

Foodie's Hope said...

Wonderful costumes! So cute!!
My kids tuerned inti monsters! Did you see my updated pics in H post?:))

I like your eye candies, did get one too?!

Alan said...

Very cute. No Krrish costumes available?

Minal said...

too cute

itchingtowrite said...

had fun.. how did u manage to paint them up and dress them?

Sush said...

chooooo chwwweeeett.... the dress and the paint, et al... they look awesome.. even the concealed spidey ;-)..

Deepa said...

Your treat looks nice.:-) The kids are adorable. I love halloween.

Gauri said...

The kids look real sweet G :-)

The lil one actually let you use face paint - here Dracula was on strike as far as face paint goes.

Kalpana said...


Hey,I am back....Was just busy with Singapore trip and guests coming in.

Keshi said...

omg soooo cute! I love the Spiderman costume...I bought the same one for my 3yr old nephew :):)


Ganesh Ranganathan said...

cute as usual...wats you baby supposed to be??? Catwoman??

Rohini said...

Lovely pics. Made me wish we has Halloween in India!

Orchid said...


mommyof2 said...

Tara: thanks:-)

@: Thanks.. She was leopard:-) And Im keeping all;-)

TD: It was only 1 minute job so she let me do the nose & one side then I grabbed her & drew on the other side.. And you haven’t seen how she like to draw on her face, arms, legs & cloths so it was not that hard;-)

jayashree: Thanks:-)

artnavy: Thanks:-) yeah, I bought for myself;-) We took the kids to the mall and in one store there were few kids taking treat before us so standing there I spot these from window and bought it for myself;-)

HTBM: A loves it too since long:-) Once I got him a Spiderman shirt and while he tried on he jumped from the bed saying “I am Spiderman now and
I can fly”.. so after that I really had hard time explaining that his shirt doesn’t have flying powers so no more super power stuff until now;-)

foodie’s Hope: Thanks:-) I got all of them;-)

Alan: Thanks.. He didn’t like Krish movie:-) maybe next year:-)

Minal: Thanks:-)

I2W: Yeah, had lots of fun:-) And the costumes were to be put over regular cloths.. A had mask & It was just 1 minute job on Gudiya so no trouble:-)

Sush: Thanks:-)

deepa: Thanks:-)

Gauri: Thanks:-) She actually let me do on one side then I used the force to draw on the other side;-) And your Dracula looked so cute with or without any face paint:-)

Kalpana:Thanks and welcome back:-)

Keshi: Thanks:-) You should’ve bought one for urself too & go trick or treating with ur nephew:-) Im doing next year (maybe:-).. Will just get masked outfit for the whole family so that noone can recognize our crazy family afterwards:-)

ganesh: Thanks:-) She was leopard:-)

rohini: Thanks:-)


Keshi said...

lol ok but if Im going trick-or-treating I'd get a cat-suit like Halle Berry and go meoooooooooooow LOL!