Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Last Diwali

In Chandigarh with my cousin

He wanted to jump on Chakris

With my grandma who passed away in March

In Ludhiana with my other cousin & Bhua, who is holding Gudiya

With my Uncle aka Muchhe wale Nanu:-)

Last year we were in India this time and A had so much fun during diwali. He had never seen any firecrackers beside the firework on 4th of July. So last year was great since he gets to celebrate diwali twice and it lasted for almost a month… He started on fuljhari’s & chakris about 10 days before diwali & then after diwali we left for my bhua’s place in Ludhiana where they had saved bags full of firecrackers for him so we started again and every evening we used to go on roof & had fun:-) It was Gurpurav few days after diwali so people didn’t think we were crazy:-)

Now can't wait to be there next year.

I didn't take my camera there so these are pictures of pictures thats why a bit blury.


Akkare said...

Hey. Thanks for visiting my blog and belated happy Diwali.

Twisted DNA said...

Looks like fun! I haven't been in India for Diwali since I moved to US 9 years ago :( I need to do it some time

Foodie's Hope said...

You had some fun last year! Ofcourse, in here it's not the same but got to do something!Beautiful pics even though it's pic of pic!:))

itchingtowrite said...

trip down memory lane -of times so joyfully spent!! u ll do it again gal!

Jayashree said...

Hope you and your kids had a nice Diwali this year....a trip to India for the next one....that really is something to look forward to, isn't it???

vibhor said...

hope you and your family had a blast in this diwali too..
take care..

artnavy said...

Have fun next yr and hope u had a diff kind of fun this year

Sheetal said...

Hi there!
I loved these pictures - I hope to spend Diwali in India one day too...


Deepa said...

ha ha....diwali is when I-miss-India syndrome peaks. Hope you had a happy Diwali.:-)

mommyof2 said...

akkare : thanks:-)

tn : Its twice the fun during holidays.. should go there next time:-) And 9 years is a very long time.. I was there till December last year and my relatives are already saying that its been a long time and I should visit:-) make plans & enjoy:-)

Foodie’s hope : thanks:-) I gotta look for a house near you then it will same as India:-) loving people, great food (from ur house;-) & fun:-)

i2w: thanks.. will go there next year. If my grandma were alive I would’ve gone this year too:-(

jayshree : yeah, I can’t believe its almost a year since I visited. Time sure is flying.

Vibhor : Thanks:-)

artnavy :Thanks:-)

Sheetal : Thanks:-) Its so much fun during the holidays:-)

deepa : Believe it or not, we think of India every day:-) Last year my son really enjoyed there and not even one day passed by that he didn’t mention India. Its like we just got off the plane yesterday:-) Now can’t wait to go there next year when my daughter could enjoy too:-) and good thing is that all these holidays are in wonderful season.. not hot & not too cold:-) perfect in every way:-)

Appu said...

you had ladds of fun. good. my son was so scared of the flower pots et al that we had to stop cursting crackers

Nee said...

Wow! It's been ages since I had a proper Diwali, this made me so nostalgic! It's really fantastic that you're able to give your kids a real taste of the celebrations, I'm sure these will make for some really cherished memories!

shruti said...

hey..great pictures..
lots of masti in diwali time..
me too had great time..

Orchid said...

thanks for sharing the pictures.....brought back fond memories of my family and the way we used to spend deepavali.