Tuesday, September 05, 2006

School with webcams

While posting my previous post I knew what the response will be (If any :-) still sometimes we parents need a kick in the butt or twice or more than 100 times :-) (At least I do). I know I can’t hold them for long still I can’t control myself. It is only the socializing part that I want to send him to school otherwise I don’t like the school system here in USA. I think European style schooling is the best (my opinion).

And not having your kid in front of your eyes from having him there ALL the time is really really hard. Yesterday he went with hubby for almost ½ day while my daughter & I stayed home. I played with her, took her to the park still she was trying to see her brother in every little boy who was there. She ran up to couple of boys thinking they are her brother then she just said bye-bye. It was heartbreaking to see her finding my son.

I know once he will start school everything will be fine. We ALL get use to the routine.
Yesterday I looked looked & looked and found an academy with web cameras mounted in all rooms. They charge more than twice than other places and extra charge for web cameras but I can see him ALL DAY LONG from my computer:-) We are going to visit them today and hopefully my son & I will like it otherwise back to searching for another school.


Tharini said...

I honestly thought it would be therapeutic for you, even more than for him to let him go for a few hours, which meant not seeing him.

But if this is what you are going to settle for as a mid-way, then well good for you.

Hope it all works out to your satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Let him go, girl.......!!

What are you worried about? He getting torubled or he troubling others....what? I send my kid to a church school. (its not religion based) The teachers have this perfect blend of gentleness and discipline. The learning teachnics are simple. They have the usual circle time,free-play, team work, snack etc.....no cameras, no refridgerator,no microwave.

Start keeping him with his dad for a few hrs while you finish a few outdoor chores. This is the best way that you will get used to letting him away from you.

Anonymous said...

Its again me....:-)

BTW, why don't you like the schooling system in the US? I know that their accademic ciricullum is not at the same par as that in India in elementary school. But it all comes at par in middle school and high school. (I have an older kid too, aprt from the 3 yr old)

And then of course you know, how ppl struggle and look fwd to coming here to do college :-)

mommyof2 said...

Tara: You know me & my hectic, crazy days And You are absolutely right about the therapeutic part of sending him to school. Even though it will be hard on me initially still its something I have to do to get my sanity back.

anon: I am trying to cut the cord.. :-) And he is a good boy (I know very mother thinks of her kid the same way) but he is polite & quiet not the bully type :-) 4 out of 6 schools we checked out were church school. I even liked 2 of them but hubby didn’t like the fact that they were in the basement of the church otherwise we would’ve enrolled him the same day.

And about the school system, well my step sisters were in middle & high schools when I came here and looking at there curriculum made me realize that they were doing lots of things that I covered in 4-5 or maybe before that. And I did MS here too and believe me I had more stress in during my 10th or B.A time than in MS here. Yes, Its not totally based on theories like in India as they give you technical training too still its much better in India.

And People come here because of the opportunities they get here, not to study.. Its just a label and with this label you get opportunities… If we get the same opportunities in India 90% of us move to India.

Anonymous said...

BUT the best part is that with the same degerees (US), ppl earn more in India rather than the Indian degerees......what do you say for that. People appreciate the US degrees more....why????? ppl study here and go back and earn fantastic in India.

mommyof2 said...

stamp:-) Only stamp:-) Last year there was a guy from India for few months on a small project. He went back and got 3 times more than what he was getting few months earlier just because he spend few months here doing some project. I think they have something called "contract" there where they have fix yearly income like salary here.

In our mind going to a top country and working in a company there, is a very big thing. And in India stamp & status is everything. Just think if your family had a chance to dine with Indira gandhi how it had effected your life in a good way(my opinion & I consider her the powerful PM) Every body in your city & 1 or 2 cities nearby, had given you different kind of respect afterwards and to me its same about US stamp. (my opinion,my opion:-)