Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What Goes Around Comes Around!

Every time I try to do some thing in the kitchen for few seconds or go out of their sight to do anything anywhere my son always come looking for me within 5 seconds (more reasons to put him in school) then my daughter follows him & they start doing their investigation around. In order to finish quickly (whatever I am doing) I almost always mess up things.(I wasn’t always like that:-) So I tell my son

Dekh Tere chakkar mein sab garbar ho gayi. (Every got messed up because of you.)
(Now I am not blaming him.. its just a way to say that he should not follow me next time & let me work peacefully for 5 minutes)

The other day I put a sandwich plate on the kitchen table and he was talking to me while I was making more sandwiches on the counter. During his talking with all the actions & drama with hands, a piece of sandwich fell on his pant.. We looked at each other to check if someone was going to say something… me telling him to do stuff carefully or him saying something..!

Him: Mamma, Tumhare chakkar mein sab garbar ho gaya.
(Mamma, Every thing got messed up because of you.)

I was looking at him in disbelief and waiting to see what else he has to say… after few seconds of pause

Him: tumene sandwich yehain rakha & aur mein tumese bath kar raha thay aur mere hath sandiwich pe lega aur sandwich meri pant pei gir gaya.
(YOU put the sandwich here & I was talking to YOU and accidentally I hit the sandwich & it fell on my pant)

I was laughing so hard from inside & wanted to kiss him but didn’t want to give him the wrong impression by kissing him when he needs to learn to be careful.

I looked at him for quiet few seconds thinking what to say but couldn’t find anything else to say beside

“I didn’t tell you to look at me or talk to me while eating.. Be careful next time,Ok..”

Ok Mamma, then don’t talk to me when I am eating sandwich...

!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))


k's mom said...

LOL - that was funny :)

Tharini said...

he he...that was soooo smart of him to remember and say that.

And explain so logically the whole process of how it happened!!! Too much.

You shud have just kissed him then!!!!

Kalpana said...

Really cute...:)

Has to be me said...

:) sweet! Ya the kids tend to do what we do / say! Thats y u shd be extra careful in ur words / actions!!
Glad that u found a skool with webcam!

Aparna said...

Had to laugh, even though I was at work :)

Sush said...

ccchhwwweeett.... so mom dont disturb him when he is concentrating :-).. understand :-)))).

Keshi said...

ur son sounds really cute!


itchingtowrite said...

so cute!! kids really pick up fast what we adults do