Tuesday, September 12, 2006

His First Full Day and Today

Yesterday was his first full day. I couldn’t sleep till almost 2 the night before. I got up around 6:30, got ready, woke him up at 7. He was awake the second he opened his eyes. Got him ready by 7:15. Another 15 minutes for hubby & princess to get ready. At 7:35 we were in the car and its around 20 minutes drive unless there is traffic. I started driving again after 7 years, yes 7 years. Drove a bit on weekend but I was still afraid of driving alone with kids that far & to another town so told hubby to come with me. Not that he wanted to come but he had to unless he was planning on dropping and picking him up every day ;-))

Got to school at 8:06. Went inside the office, talk to the bird & fishy there. Then we went upstairs and met the director’s daughter, Cynthia. She took us his class, met his teacher, Ms. Mounda. Then I showed him the adult pee toilet for boys in the boy’s room. I didn’t want him to mistaken that for the sink ;-) Cynthia said to leave him in the class but I told her that he didn’t have anything for breakfast so it might be a good idea if he sees other kids eating and decide to eat something. They give breakfast if you are there before 8 but she was fine even thought it was around 8:30. They had cereal but my son didn’t want cereal today so she got him 2 pancakes. In the mean time he decided to have cereal so got him that too. He just started eating when he saw a kid crying. He changed his mind & didn’t want to eat anymore & cling to me.

We went to upstairs in the class. Oh he had 2 leaves in his hand which he gave to both teacher and he was happy about that:-) And on the way to upstairs we met another desi guy with his daughter.. He said hi to my son & found out that they will be in the same class.. At least someone can understand hindi & if needed they can carry a conversation:-) He gave good review too.. His son used to be in the school & now his daughter. It confirms that we are not wrong about the school. A desi can never lie about this stuff:-))

Took couple of pictures of him in the rooms and went to his teacher. I gave her hint that I was gonna leave. She tried to keep him busy with 2 bunnies’ they have… yup, there were 2 today but he didn’t want to leave me. We went to another room where story session was going on. He sat there for few seconds but ran up to me as he saw me sneaking out. We did puzzle but he was holding my hand the whole time. Once he got busy I tried to leave. I was about to get out of the class that someone came to see Ms. Mounda. As soon as they called her my son realized that I was leaving so he ran up to me again. I told him I had to go to the bathroom but he wanted to come with me. He let go off my hand for few seconds while we were taking to him and his teacher Ms. Mounda picked him up & held him tight while I ran downstairs. Didn’t feel like watching him crying on the tv downstairs. Hubby & hungry daughter were waiting in the car for long too.

Came home & called the school around 10:30 to check on him. He was doing well. Ms. Mounda said that he stopped crying after 2-3 minutes and he is doing great. They had B’day party there & he had cupcake & Apple juice. Called back around 2:30. She said he is lying down but not sleeping. While I was talking to her he closed his eyes. He went potty twice there. Had Ham & Cheese sandwich & Apple juice again. He told her that he liked the school:-) I told her that I will come around 5 to pick him up.

Hubby called around then and said we could pick him up now but he was taking his nap and after that it was playground time. I told him that we will go around 3:30. I called hubby around 3:15 but he was busy & couldn’t leave then so waited for another ½ hr. and got ready to pick him up. Hubby came too so we all left for school. As soon as we parked we saw him playing in the playground. He looked fine. We sat there for 15 minutes watching him from car. His teacher saw us and told him to play where we could see him:-) When we got out we send our daughter to him. As soon as he saw her and then us, he start to climb the wire fence like a monkey:-) He was laughing but I could see tears in his eyes. He kept saying “I can’t climb”.

I asked him “why do you want to climb?”

But he kept saying “I can’t climb”. He was in such rush to get out of there.

Actually they close the door of the playground during play time & other day his teacher didn’t let him open the door so he thought he had to climb the fence to get out of there:-)

I told him that we were there to pick him up & his teacher will open the door for him. He was happy to leave.. Said bye to everybody there. Then we went inside to get his backpack & talk to the teacher. The director was there and she said that he did great. Checked the sheet to see if he napped or eat even though I talk to her teacher before still wanted to see how they put the information And left afterwards. He was telling us all about the school:-) He kept saying “There was something wrong with my pee pee”And after couple of times he said the same I asked him again & again & again to give me description of what happened. In My mind I was thinking of Gauri’s Abhay’s incident. Then found out that he was playing in the playground but his training pants were coming down and they fixed it after sometimes:-)

Today I woke him up by kissing. He opened his eyes and closed right back:-) It never happened in 3 ½ years. I tried to make him open his eyes but nope, he didn’t want to. Hubby said to let him sleep till 9-10 & drop him later but I wanted to see him parents leaving their kids & how they don’t cry And I wanted to go without my daughter cuz I can’t control her while taking care of my scared son’s who doesn’t want to let go of me.

Today hubby was saying “Its not that they teach anything there. It is only baby sitting.”
Ohhhh no no no. Don’t tell me this now. Anyways, he didn’t want to go to school today. I reminded him all the fun he had y’day still didn’t want to go. Y’day I got 20 blueberry muffins bags for him to take school. I told him if he want to go to school & give those to his friends. Well it did help a bit. Got him ready & we left for school. He was very quiet the whole time in car.

When we got out of the car I got him few leaves today too. It made him very happy and the thought of giving it to someone else dragged him to school:-) Even though he didn’t want to eat anything we went to eating room to say hi to whoever was there. Then we went upstairs. Kids were looking at the leaves he was holding so I told him to give it to them. He was smiling and giving leaf to every one who was coming to him. By the time his teacher came he had 2 leaves left so he gave her those while hugging her.

She showed me what he colored yesterday. And during circle time he knew most of the alphabets so he got the prize. He didn’t tell me that y’day or every kid might have gotten the prize:-) She told me that he made 3 girl-friends y’day :-) I think there are only 2 boys in his class and one is always lying down alone in the corner so he had to choose someone to play with;-) And he loved the circle time in the morning.

Today he knew I was gonna leave him. His hands were getting cold & he was hiding behind me holding my pant. I did puzzle with him, looked at bunnies but he was holding me tight. Ms. Mounda tried to distract him but didn’t work. Finally she had to hold him but before I could go he held my hair and pulled it badly. He was crying so hard & pulling my hair to come closer.. It took 3 of us to open his fist. Today I felt like crying too. I told him I will back to pick him up and left. It was heartbreaking to leave him crying there..

Around 11 I called his school & talk to him. He was doing great and his voice was happy. Ms. Mounda said that he cried for 2-3 minutes and got back to playing. Now I will call later to check again.

I think he is getting the concept of school and I am going to adjust just fine thinking we found a great place for him to play and he is having fun there. Now the school chapter is closed for the blog;-))


Anonymous said...

I think he did very well being the first (full) day of school. Most kids stop crying after 2-3 mins but then after a few hrs, like during rest-time they start to miss momagain and it all startes again, which he didn't.......so, I think A's mom.....you did it !! yeppy!! and most imp. is your son is super-duper (my kid's lingo ;-) )

Very happy for you.....

Gauri said...

Wowie !! Sounds like a great start :-) for both you and A ... And I personally feel that you did the right thing by taking him over on time ..... it is always better to get a routine established with the kids. Really happy for you G !!

Luv to A square

itchingtowrite said...

school seems to be taking good care of him
good luck

Kalpana said...

He adjusted fast. That's great!!! Cheers to Him...

Has to be me said...

Good he seems to have settled well!

Twisted DNA said...

Man, it must hurt like hell to leave the kid at school and come back. it's nice that he is not crying that much.

My wife is already dreadign the day when she has to send our kid to full day school, or send him to college etc. :)

mommyof2 said...

Thanks anon,gauri,i2w,kalpana & has2bme;-)

twisted dna: The thought of sending ur kid away does hurt very much but if you find a good place it makes things much easier, even for someone like me who didn't leave her kids anywhere since they the day they are born.

Since y'day he didn't cry at all:-)I hope everybody finds a good place like I have:-)