Saturday, September 09, 2006

First Hour in School

I was thinking of sending him to school next Monday then I realized that it will be better if he starts this Monday instead. We went there around 3:30. I didn’t call them ahead and found out that his regular teacher left at 3 but the director said we can stay if want. We wanted to see his reaction only and all the teachers can manage the kids so I didn’t think it was big deal if his regular teacher wasn’t there.

Their group was playing outside. The other day we went at the same time too so yesterday I knew they will be in the playground. I actually planned in a way that he can have little playground time & some time upstairs in the rooms. This way we can observe him better.

We stayed in the office while the director took him in the playground. He hesitated a bit but with our encouragement & the idea of being in the playground, he left holding the director’s hand. I went after them in few seconds and was hiding. He stood there just holding her hand. They were telling him to play with the kids but no response from him. Then they made every kid came up to him and introduce themselves. After that I saw him running around climbing on the toys & taking turn on the slide & other toys. After a few seconds the director was about to come out of the playground and my son was keeping an eye on her :-) As soon as she opened the door he tried to leave too:-) She spends another 5 minutes telling him to play there while he was just crying. He saw me hiding too so I quickly ran to the office before he could see me again. She came back few minutes later and said “He is doing just fine.” I bet they say that to all parents:-)

We wanted to leave saying Goodbye to him & telling him that we will be back soon. We had the choice to leave from the back door but we thought it will be better if he sees us leaving & then coming back in an hr.. We said bye to him and he was crying hysterically… Even though I had prepared him about no parents & sister in the school concept still this was expected. He followed us on all sides of the wired fence of the playground trying to climb like a monkey saying “Mamma Paas, Mamma Paas”. I wanted to stay in the parking lot that’s why I made hubby park in the back but the director said “don’t worry, go for a drive” And hubby thought of taking us ‘girls’ to shopping before I start crying too. Anyway it did help killing the time & before we knew it was 5:15, time to go back.

I went inside to see how he was doing. I had told the director that I wanted to see his reaction outside the playground too so she said that she will tell them to leave the playground earlier today so that my son will have the chance to spend sometime in the class room too. When I went there they were upstairs & she switched his class on the tv. They were going in the computer class at that time & he was just looking around. In seconds he settled down playing on one of the computers. I watched him on tv for 15 minutes from her office and he was doing fine. She said he did great, stop crying in few seconds & been playing since then. Chatted with her for a little while and went upstairs to pick him up.

I stood outside the room for few minutes watching him. Then I talked to both the teachers there. He didn’t even turn around after hearing my voice & I am kindda lound person:-) . He was so lost in computer game as lately I don’t let him be on his computer after the surgery, just trying to avoid him hurt this thumb before it healed fully. He had no idea I was there. I had to call him 3 times before he turned around. I was expecting him to run & come up to me but he was just playing there. I asked him

“Do you want to go home?”

And everybody started laughing:-)

Can you believe it? Well we said thanks & bye to everybody and spend few minutes with bird and come back. We praised him & encourage him in the car and asked about the school. He said there was a girl name Julia, who didn’t want to share a toy with him.. yes, already :-) He said that they washed their hands after their playground time. great.. We asked him if he wants to come back on Monday, he said NO.

We think he was ok And after him refusing to leave the class I am a bit at peace too thinking that he did enjoy his time there.

Now we are starting full time from coming Monday.


B o o said...

Wow! I was just waiting for a post from you about the first day. Very touching! Good luck to you guys! :)

Tharini said...

It sounds like a good first day and hour. And I guess you would know that he may get upset for a few more days before he starts letting you go without a cry.

Enjoy this experience wholesomely...its precious.

The Kid said...

Very nice story. Really liked the part about "you girls".
is this a mom's only story?? what about your husband ?
So, in general daddys dont get to be clinged on by babies like this ?

Cherie! said...

Oh cute :). Best for Monday!

Sush said...

Waiting for YOUR first day in school post.. yup.. both you and the kiddo's.. Good to know that both of you came out with flying colors and Good luck for full-day test now :-).

itchingtowrite said...

oh.. so glad he liked the school. i am sure he will love it as days go by

Has to be me said...

Glad tht u've started him in the skool!
U know many kids cry as soon as they r left in skool & cry again when they r being picked up!!!
But its just the initial phase. Once they get used to the routine they wud be fine.
Im sure ur kid wld also have a gr8 time in just chill! :)

mommyof2 said...

boo: Thanks:-)

Tara: Thanks. I know he will cry for few days if not the whole month. But what about me:-( House is not the same without him..

the kid: Thanks. yes, its mom & baby blog, not daddy's:-). I write what I feel about the kids(from my point of view).

And daddys do get to be clinged on by babies like this but not in our case:-)

cherie: Thanks:-)

Sush: Thanks. I had butterflies in my tummy when I left him there.. I was about to cry
too. Really felt sick in the stomach the whole time he was in school.

itchingtowrite: Thanks. School is nice & I hope he will like it too:-)

has to be me: yeah, found a nice school and now I am at peace thinking he is in right hands. And no matter what, mothers can never chill..;-) you know about the little brain in the back of our head connected straight to our heart:-)

@ said...

I am sooo glad this whole school thing worked out for you! The director seems sweet and understanding. And brave you, for learning to walk away even as he was crying!!
I liked this bit:
“Do you want to go home?”


Ha! Now we know what he really thinks of school :)

Kalpana said...

Great, he started dealing with himself when left alone.

Gauri said...

Chalo - Gaadi Chal Padi !!! Sounds like he had a fairly good first day.

Good Luck G !!