Saturday, September 02, 2006

Home schooling

I always have hard time thinking of sending my kids to day care but now my son is almost 3 ½ and seems like I have no choice but to find a school for him. First I thought I will send him in next session then last week I changed my mind and start finding a school with opening for this session, starting from Sep 6th. We looked for few schools on internet & based on the reviews we went to check them out on Thursday. After going to 2 schools it really hit me again and I was back to “I don’t want to send him to school this session” And after that I find one or other problem in all the school we went to(for obvious reason) :-) After half day checking out all the schools I was all ready for home schooling or at least till he will bother the hell out of me & I will be back to searching for school. I wonder if anybody else thought about home schooling…


Anonymous said...

Right now at this age your son needs to socialise with kids of his age and also deal with being away from mommy for a few hrs...getting over seperation anxiety. Also to get over the concept of instant gratification. (thats what we moms always do :-) )This is what the teacher said to me when I started my child to a pre-school. The child needs to learn sharing, patience and most imp. socialising with other kids of the same age. (same age is imp. because otherwise you tend to get mothered/babied by older kids)

Its fine if you want to keep him at home and let him start Pre-K at the age of 4 and then K when he is 5 (5 on or before 31st aug).

But its advisable to let you son go for a few hrs, may be just twice a week, to a pre-school.

BUT, do what your heart/feelings are the best judge.

mommyof2 said...

anon: If I see a similar post from somebody couple of years from now, I will write the same what you said. I KNOW all the things you said and socializing part. And thats the only reason why I want to send him. Still I know I have 6 more months when I can listen to my heart and wait till he satrts real school. Then again he will take time to adjust so why now start now.. Thats why I went to check out the schools but chickened out later.

I am the one who ned to deal with seperation anxiety more than him.

I know this is something we have to do still I am having trouble thinking about it. I know that once he starts school he will be fine after few days still I can't think of sending him to school.

itchingtowrite said...

i guess the child shud be ok socialising with the peers for a few hours atleast as anon rightly put. also like u urself agree- may be as mom u do not want to leave the child in other's hands. me too- with every step they grow and move to the next phase i get a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness- they r growing up so fast and gone is the phase when they were tiny and cute and "new" babies... our rotective/ nurturing instinct perhaps do not want to let go of our children!!

Tharini said... someone who has known you for awhile......and also your son, I would urge you to please work on getting over whatever feelings you have about sending him to school and enroll him right away.

I just don't think its healthy for you to want to keep holding on, esp at this age when almost every kid his age goes to school and when he is most like to enjoy it too.

Why do you want to delay this experience for him now?

I also know that having your DD around keeps you on your toes and you end up having littler time to devote exclusively to him.

By the age of 5, for Kindergarten, he will be required to learn how to read, write and some basic math. I think that's quite a challenge to meet while thinking of homeschooling.

The teachers are already equipped to handle all this and thier teacing methods are going to be a lot more refined and designed to help thier brains make all the necessary connections. Also, there is a learning environment over there which will be fun and stimulating. Why do you wish him to forgo all this?

Go for an option where you send him for 3 days a week for 2-3 hours. Is that too much for you to handle also? C'mon G!!!

This will do all of you a world of good. It takes the pressure off of you for giving him a stimulating and learning environment, give you a few hours where you can spend with your DD, he comes back home excited and with tales to tell and I just think you'll be happier to know that you went thru with it.

You said, he has to adjust layter anyway so why now?

And I say, you have to adjust later anyway, so why not now when he can get off to a slower and steadier start than 4-5 hours of kindergarten!

Its not always adviasable to make an emotional and sentimental decision. Sometimes, you just have to be practical.

That's my bluntest and most honest feelings on this subject!

Gauri said...

G - to be very very honest - don't dilly dally on this. I know, as moms, it is very difficult for us to "let go". I'm going thru this - trust me - even today when I dropped him off at school Abhay started to cry. But how long are we going to hold on to them.

And I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT with what Anonymous has said - about the separation anxiety and more importantly about the instant gratification bit. We mothers tend to go a little soft on them. It is absolutely essential for them to learn routine and also to learn to share and socialise with other kids their age.

Like the others have said, probably you could start off by sending him to preschool 2-3 days in a week for say 2-3 hours. That way, both of you will get used to the idea gradually.

Good Luck !!

Keshi said...

It must be hard for u but eventually he'll get used to it...good luck!


Has to be me said...

Hi mommyof2,

Firstly thanks fr stopping by my blog. Next u seem to have an interesting blog & like u I also have a son who's gonna be 3 1/2 soon & a daughter who is 9mths old.

I've been sending my son to a play school since he was just over 1 yr. The main reason fr me to do so was cos I'm a working mom & seeing me going out (of the house) my son wanted to do so as well. So it started thus.

But now Im more than happy that he went to a play school for 1/2 day each morning. Cos remember one thing how much ever we are good with kids & treat them with utmost love & care, kids need kids to play with, share (ideas/toys), learn, relate to etc. So I in my opinion it is best fr u to send ur son to school asap.

Sush said...

I really cant say anything so clear and strong from my experience, 'cos I am just about to get married this December. But I have seen my cousins' kids and all and it is only after they go to the play-school do they learn to be independent and begin to show their own personality traits..

Home schooling is a good concept, what good is the knowledge when the kid is yet to interact with other kids and learn on his own...

Again, this is strictly an observation from my side, mom knows better.

Kalpana said...

Think 1 thing, will ur cutie pie enjoy later what u do now. So, let him go to school to know the world better. Since, there is lot to learn outside. Ofcourse, building CHARACTER is most important.:)

mommyof2 said...

Kalpana: We are talking about pre-school, just like day care here, not the real schoool:-) They start real school when they are 5 years old. I just wanted to keep him home for another year:-)but I think he will like the school we found for him.

mommyof2 said...

Keshi: I hope I get used to too:-)

sush: You will become a great mom some day soon:-)

Has to be me: Welcome.
I know its must for working moms to send their kids to day care but since I stay at home I got option deciding on this:-)

Yes, you are right about the kids playing with kids and thats the only reason I was interested in finding school.:-)

mommyof2 said...

itchingto write: They ARE growing up very fast. Maybe thats why in some corner of my heart I wanted him home for another year:-)

Tara & Gauri: Thanks for your comments. These did help me keep looking for a school for "A".
Now that I found it and I hope both of us can adjust well otherwise I know I can count on you for more advise:-)