Sunday, September 17, 2006

Week in School

He did great during his first week in school. According to Ms. Monda, he cried for hardly 2 minutes after I left. She told me to stay for 15-20 minutes & watch him from behind the door or on tv downstairs. Tuesday evening he kept saying that he didn’t want to go to school. I told him that he was excited about going to school, having a teacher; lunchtime & nap time And used to tell me that he wanted to go to school.

“But now I am telling you I don’t want to go to school”

“No, you have to go to school. You will make friends there, get to play with them and have fun”

“But I don’t like school”


“Because I cry”

“Well, then don’t… Enjoy there”

And the whole thing repeated at least 100 times. *sigh*

Wednesday morning his teacher grabbed him as soon we got upstairs and I was hiding behind door. She sat him on a chair & asked if he wanted to make Mr. Potato head and he stopped crying & said yes. I was happy to see him not crying then went downstairs & watched him on tv. He was busy playing. That was the first day I put songs on while going back home:-)

He cried to see us there to pick him in the evening. We explained to him that there is no need to cry. You go to school to have fun. This was kept going until night.

On Thursday, I was talking to him the whole time in the car about having fun & not to cry. We got upstairs, he was hiding behind me. I showed him couple of other kids saying bye to their parents & running to class happily. He was still hiding behind me. We came out of the class, had a little talk again. Went in again. I was showing him how everybody was happy there and he should go & play too. In 2 minutes he stopped clinging & went towards the table chairs with toys. I was surprised cuz he looked back & kept going. I waved to his teacher & told her to keep an eye on him. I watched him for 10 minutes from downstairs tv & he was doing great. He didn’t cry when I went to pick him up. Definitely a progress. Same thing on Saturday, no crying at all.

His teacher said so many good things about his manners, the way he eats & other little little stuff. He is going to toilet by himself since day 1. She said I tell him to call me when he is done but he likes to do everything by himself. Sometimes she calls him from outside to check on him & he respond to her in Hindi then he realize it & say the same thing in English. He has no problem communicating with anyone. I was worried he might find it difficult to express himself since we mostly talk in Hindi at home but he understand English fully & could talk if needed. According to his teacher he has no trouble speaking English at all.

He did wonderful last week & hopefully he will keep doing great.


@ said...

maybe he thinks he should be crying, even when he doesn't really have a reason to :) lol!! in a way, it is flattering to you, isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

I thought 'school chapter' was closed for the blog :-))

mommyof2 said...

@: Im not sure:-)

anon: It is close, this was the update:-) I was gonna write in the previous then I though that was already too long:-)

And by close chapter I meant "Finding school","me changing my mind about sending him to school" & "him crying for not to go to school" thingy:-)You will see more school related pots or at least pictures if I find something worth posting & if you decide to stick around:-)

p.s now I know someone is reading my posts line by line:-)

Sush said...

The kiddo is cool, i loved his way of communicating twice.. Hindi and English.. kids can be sooo sweet...

I think he likes school very much but likes the home a litttttle better, hence the crying, will adjust pretty soon too..

Tharini said...

I think its amazing the way he has settled in. To this day, Akhil still has parting trouble where he holds on tightly to my hands and refuses to walk down to his classroom.

A is doing wonderfully!

And you sure will get arnd to all that u have planned once u settle down a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Yes, A's mom...I am reading your blog regularly and I enjoy it too :-). I think you have many new readers since you started your first post.

Did you add new pics to the prev. post? I somehow didn't see them earlier. Your son is really cute and he is going to be one handsome dude.

mommyof2 said...

sush: I think you are right and it might have to do something with my daughter staying home with me too.. Yesterday when I went to pick him up he said "I want to go home & see my sister":-)But when I call him in the morning, his teacher always put him on the phone & he always seems to be in such rush to do whatever he is doing:-)

And I smile too whenever I think of him talking in hindi then English:-) I wonder what goes in his mind:-)

tara: Last week during our way to school I kept telling him that he is going to have fun there. He will have nap time, lunchtime. I think it did help and he stoped crying in the evening because I told him to be happy since I was there to take him home. The next day he really jumped at least 10 times when he saw me:-))And I gave him lollipop saying "You did good today & didn't cry both times so this is your reward":-)Maybe talk, talk & talk to Akhil would help him or tell him if he is good he will get something. Like I had to go to walmart the other day so I told him since he was a good boy I am taking him:-) It doesn't have to be a candy reward:-)

Today he didn't hold me hand, just went inside with his teacher:-) even though the whole way to school he was telling me that "Today is saturday & you said that there is no school on saturday":-)And I kept telling him that today is tuesday:-))

anon: Thanks:-)and yes I did add more pictures as the other day my computer was giving me problem so I had to format it & finish his first day pictures:-)