Monday, November 20, 2006

Before & After Mundan

We did her mundan few days back. She was crying so bad after few minutes of starting and I thought I might have to shave the rest of her hair the next day but did it anyway. She didn't let me fix the forehead line so its been a bit crooked but no big deal:-) I really don't like taklu kids unless they are new born.. These are few before & after mundan pics.. last one is with spiderman stickers all over her face.. She has put lots of stickers on the other side of her face & on the back of her head but she didn't let me take the pic..


Gauri said...

Cute Lil Taklu :-)))

Did she run her hand over her head later ? What was the reaction ?

Sush said...

taklu bhi accha hai.. but awww... the crowning glory... it is gone... does she miss the clips, bands, and hair??

Kalpana said...

cutie...looking good even like this...but, what does she feel?

Tharini said...

oh boy...she looks so much like A rolling arnd on the floor with her cute taklu. See the similarity?

mommyof2 said...

gauri: She runs her hand over her head everytime Hubby ask her to check the hair cut:-) After her Mundan A doesn't want to get his hair cut;-) he thinks hair cut means taklu:-)

sush: She used to put clips & all in her mouth so no worries for me for a liuttle while;-)

Kalpana: She doesn't but I do;-)She had beautiful curls and I don't think she will have those again:-(

tharini: Do you? cuz I can't tell but now they can pass for twins;-)