Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What A Week

  • Both Kids are down with cold & cough. A had fever for few days, bad cough, which doctor thinks is seasonal & will be gone after thanksgiving (I blame day care for this;-) and now Gudiya has fever too. She is breathing funny since last night so taking her to doc in the evening.
  • Found out that my Bhua has breast cancer.. She has thyroid for almost 18 years & now this.. Just today they got the results of all the tests.. Its early stage still she will have to go through the surgery & everything else after that for the rest of her life..
  • I have this throbbing headache for 3-4 days, which is not going away even with medicine.
  • I am sleeping with A on my one arm & gudiya holding my other hand for almost the whole night since couple of days and now I got this twist on the back of my neck & I can’t turn my head on the left side..
  • Gudiya isn’t eating anything since 2 days so trying to feed her & give her med even 3-4 in the morning.. Today we were up around 4, had 3-4 spoons of soup while looking at the rain.. Whole day I am after her with something so that she could eat 1-2 spoons after every hr.
  • I feel this heartache every time she coughs & gets up every 2-3 hour at night too.. Poor baby..
  • We did her “Mundan” on Sunday and will post the pic in a day or 2.
  • On Friday I went to pick him up and “that” girl came running after him with their teacher running after her.. She hugged him & kissed him again.. So I had a little talk with A while coming back

    “What did I tell you about not to kiss anyone”
    “I didn’t kiss her mommy.. She kissed me”
    “Then why didn’t u say, “my mommy said no kissing””
    “Because….” (yeah that’s what he said)
    “Because what!”
    “Because I like it when she kisses me” :-O
    (Pause for few seconds..)
    “There is noting to like, OK. Just play with everybody and no kissing”
    “But I like it”
    “Ok, I gonna watch you from my computer at home and if you kiss her or let her Kiss you I am going to send a policeman there”
    “No Mamma”
    “Oh Yeah, you watch.. The minute I see a kiss a policeman will come & take you guys”
    “No mamma”
    “ OK,then NO KISSING”
    “ OK”

  • And I can’t think of any spicy, chatpati & fadkati hui dish that could sooth me..


Sush said...

aaawwww that has been a hard week on you..just take of yourself to be able to care of these cutie pies...

Anonymous said...

why not kiss? Won't he carry the hesitation forward if you forbid him to kiss now? He's a *little* boy. I remember how our teacher punished us in school when she caught us kissing in kindergarten. And that fear didn't go away for a long time.

artnavy said...

take care and am not sure what i would have doen about the kissy business

Ekta said...

oops...looks like things are difficult now...but hey honestly whats wrong with a kid kissing the other???:-)

noon said...

Yeah am curious too - just worried they may fall sick incase one has a cold?

Foodie's Hope said...

That was hilarious!! Are you a policewoman too now to watch over the son?! :D Better stop them now than later, might be too late then!

We are brought up that way in India , to control ourseleves.We are doing quite well as adults, aren't we? Kids need direction, let them choose when they are adults,I am sure they will be fine.My daughter is 15 and doesn't have a boyfriend.Made a deal with her that she can have one as soon as she 18 and not before,she gladly said yes!!:)

My kids have cold,cough too! It's terrible, all that coughing and whining.Hope they get over it quickly. Hope your kids get better too,so we moms can relax again a bit..

my life.... said...

argh... hope yr children will recover soon... i just recovered from my cough and sinuse too... take care gal:)

mommyof2 said...

Sush: thanks:-)

artnavy: thanks and Im not sure what to do either:-)

my life: thanks.. you take care too & don’t let it come back:-)

Foodie’s Hope: I tried my best but not sure if its working;-) I feel the same way about kissing stuff & give me tips on how to deal with stuff as you already have..
Hope your kids feel better soon. Gudiya has become too clingy because of all the sick business and all day she want to be in my lap.. even want to sleep on me otherwise don’t sleep.. I think she will be better by tomorrow…

Anonymous, Ekta, Noon: Thanks for ur comments:-)And I have no problem with the kissing but I don’t want him to get wrong idea about it and thinking that he can kiss any girl.. Fist he should learn to respect a girl & understand what kissing means.. I am not talking about friendly kisses here…

And it has to do with the way we are brought up.. I don’t think its necessary to kiss (with arms around the neck) at this age. Here we try to adapt the American culture but don’t want to totally let go our own either. Compromise is always there so he/she can kiss but first learn to respect each other and that will be when they are a bit older so until then we parents has to do the needful:-). We have to start right now to guide them otherwise its very easy to get lost between 2 cultures.. Our(Indian) culture & kids (American) culture..

Twisted DNA said...

I hope the kids are feeling better. Can you turn your head now? :)

About kids kissing, man that's a tough one. I don't even know what to think about it. I am not sure threatening the kid with law enforcement would make him stop doing it :D May be then he will start doing it secretly. But in cases like this, generally mom's instinct is correct. Mom knows the best :)

TS said...

Sorry to hear about your week....hope you're feeling better! Its the season for flus, and allergies, I went through the same thing with my two little ones last 2 weeks...all you can do is be patient and let nature run its for headaches, been there and done that too! I tried to nap when the kids napped..that helped and yep, pill, lots of Advils my dear. :)

Take care!

Keshi said...

lol cute!

And TC sweetie.

@ said...

Hope your week has got better..prayers for your aunt - keep us posted..

Each mom should do what works best for her... hence, no comments abt the kiss issue :)

Kalpana said...

U had a tough week. Now, how r u and ur kids? Hope, everyone r fine by now. It's just a change in weather that's causing all problems. My hubby too suffered from cough for past 1 week. He is fine now atlast. Children's an innocent age. We too can't help it.

Ganesh Ranganathan said...
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Ganesh Ranganathan said...

oops, my previous comment was supposed to be on Neha's blog...the popups got mixed up..


Don't worry your Bhua will be alright, we all are praying for her.

And I am down with a cold too :-((
due to these rains that just won't stop

the mad momma said...

kossong.. that is a tough one i suppose when u live there... but here my son kisses girls and boys alike.. and i havent really done much about it. in fact he kisses he dad on the lips because he sees us do it.. i guess they outgrow it.. but i will go with Twisted's comment.. mommy knows best in each situation.. but i do feel bad for kids as well as parents in a different land and culture having to walk a fine line...hope you dont mind me linking to you

mommyof2 said...

TD: If he start secretly I have to threaten him with secret service people;-)

trupti: That’s what Im trying to do, be patient & hoping everybody will be fine soon.. Surprisingly my Aleve isn’t working this time cuz usually I can count on it 100% but this time, nope.. btw I started my ginger tea treatment since y’day & feeling a it better this morning.. Can’t wait to get the masala u mentioned & try it;-)

keshi: Thanks:-)


Kalpana: I think it’s the weather too.. its been crazy since last few weeks.. One day its very cold then next 2 days its like summer then again few cold days.. *sigh And some contribution from the daycare too..:-)

Ganesh: Thanks for ur sweet words & prayers. I hope you are feeling better. Try some ginger tea.. take care:-)

Mad momma: Im the same way too.. love to kiss kids on the lips:-) And so far no problem even though when we went to India my chachi used to make of them saying “American style kiss”:-) but in daycare its different. See if all of them were kissing each other I wouldn’t have cared but its only them.. Holding hands & kissing.. Now what if he keep doing this in his real school, then I will e getting lots of complaints everyday.. Even though he is (used to be) shy type so want to control it before its too late:-)

And thanks for the linking.. :-)