Monday, July 24, 2006

A Note from Mom

I am mom of two wonderful kids.. DS is almost 31/2 & DD is 11/2 year old.. I am not a “writer type” but this blog will have stuff which I think I shouldh’ve remember like how it was when DS & DD was born and how & when they said their first word and did other stuff And things that I should remember my whole life like how it is to see both kids growing together, fighting, loving & bonding with each other.. Even though its not too long still I don’t remember most of the things since DS was born.. Thanks to DH’s video taping & our habit of taking 100’s of pictures of our kids I still remember things not as much as I should though.. Most of it seems a blur to me but not to my hubby :-) I think it has alot to do with us getting pregnant when DS was 1 year old.. When he was doing all those cute things I was dealing with pregnancy issues and when he was 20m old , we had our DD.. It was our decision to have 2 kids & wanted to have just a little age difference between them so that they can enjoy their childhood together.. After couple of initial months of my pregnancy DH started working from home since it was hard for me to handle DS.. since he used to work from the home office on our first floor, working from home didn’t effect him much( I think).. Unlike our DD, DS is calm & very understanding kid.. well most of the times.. And even when he was a baby he was never too naughty or troublesome (a bit different story now but kids will always be kids J) It was great having DH at home during my second pregnancy.. He took care of DS when I was feeling nauseous or out of energy to even sit or was dealing with other hormonal stuff.. DS didn’t have to deal with my pregnancy mood swings or lack of attention.. He got more attention than before since it was both of us giving him 24 hrs. attention.. Now Even though its hard to take care of 2 almost same age kids still its not that bad beside the fact that I am going crazyJ but they are enjoying each others company..

I will start writing things which happened recently and keep on adding what I could think of when DS was born..

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